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Anger Issues[edit]

U mad? Yeah, u mad bro.
Effect: You are easy to anger, and find it difficult to let go. Whenever you enter combat, or whenever you fail a skill or ability check in a stressful situation, you grow irate and take the penalties (but none of the benefits) of being in a barbarian rage (thus −2 AC). Unlike rage you can still perform tasks which require concentration, but you must succeed on a DC 15 Concentration check to perform it and it comes with a -4 penalty to any ability checks, skill checks, or spell DCs involved.

The penalties stack with actual rage. On a natural 1 (including with skill checks) that results in failure, you get really irate and the penalty increases by another −2. This penalty stacks. Penalties last until the end of the encounter, or 1 minute.

In addition, your anger makes you generally gruff and unlikable. You take a —2 penalty on Bluff and Diplomacy, and nonhostile creatures start out one step less friendly to you (to a minimum of unfriendly). This is only the starting mood, and may change over time.
Special: Anger Issues helps in one situation, the Intimidation skill. You gain a +3 bonus to Intimidate checks.

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