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Angelic Tempest: A field of heat permeates from this sword. The runes glow a bright blue, and seem to intensify occasionally.

Was the weapon of Lord Krusk Rubine, a Half-Orc Paladin from the north. He forged it days before his death with the help of 2 Hound Archons and 1 Justice Archon. The Holy Weapon was used to slay The Balor Krestiflek, who's evil fires now permeate the blade.

Lord Krusk grew up under the care of a cleric named Zarred Rubine, who the young Krusk affectionately referred to as Ruby. Ruby taught Krusk values the half-orc would never have learned with the orcs. He learned compassion, honor, and self sacrifice. Ruby read Krusk tales of honorable knights and daring heroes, and the young boy had hopes of being one himself. His chance came when Sir Freddy Commons announced that he was looking for a squire, a strong lad looking to train as a paladin. With Ruby's blessing, Krusk submitted his name. Three other boys answered his call, and a contest was made. Each boy was given a sap and told the last one standing would be Commons squire. Krusks heritage made it easy for him to over power and defeat each boy, and he was named Commons squire.(DC 18; A Boy's Chance.)

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Table: Angelic Tempest
Wielder Level Attack
Hit Point
5th - - - Holy Initiate
6th - - 4 -
7th - -1 - -
8th - - - +3 Flaming Greatsword
9th -1 - 2 -
10th - - - Holy Awakening
11th - - - -
12th - - 2 +3 Flaming Holy Greatsword
13th -2 - - Holy Knight
14th - - - -
15th - - 2 -
16th - -2 - +5 Flaming Holy Greatsword
17th - - 2 -
18th - -3 2 -
19th - - 2 +5 Flaming Lawful Holy Greatsword
20th - - 2 Holy Lord, Meteor Swarm

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