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Anchored Object[edit]

Your life force is tied to an object. If you get out of range of it, you suffer.
Effect: Select a non-consumable item. The item becomes masterwork if it wasn't already, and your life force is tied to the item. If the item ever leaves more than 10 ft. from your position, you take 2 negative levels (ignoring immunities). If it is further than 100 ft., you take 4 negative levels. If 1000 ft., you take 8 negative levels (and so on and so forth and so on). These negative levels can never kill you, and never go beyond your HD. Even if the object is brought in range, the spell slots and hp loss remain lost until healed naturally. You always know the direction to your anchored object. If it is not on the same plane you take half your HD in negative levels, and you know which plane it is on. The item can be enhanced as normal, if it held it can be any weapon you are proficient with and if it occupy the body slot it can be any armor you are proficient with.
Special: If the item is lost or destroyed a 1 hour ritual can be performed once per day at the cost of your class level squared x 10 in gold pieces, doing so restore the item. This qualified as Power Focus for the purpose of pre-requisites.

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