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Amulet of True Displacement: The Amulet of True Displacement was made by the god Gileon for his delivery agents. As the keeper of all godly knowledge, he sometimes uses messengers to deliver bits and pieces of knowledge to any god who requests it. Frequently, his messengers were set upon by agents of evil and chaotic gods, trying to steal the knowledge they could have for free, if only they asked. Upset by the loss, and the misuse of his knowledge, Gileon searched for a device that would give his messengers some level of protection. After consulting the Book of All Knowledge, he came to the conclusion that there wasn't an item in existence that would serve his purpose, so he set about creating one. After taking into consideration all of the other gods knowledge, and the subsequent knowledge of their followers, he designed an amulet that could fool any creatures view of time and space.

The Amulet of True Displacement was used by Gileon's agents for many millennia, up until one of his messengers was coaxed into the service of an unknown deity. When the messenger renounced Gileon as his patron the amulet was taken into the abyss. Occasionally through the following centuries the amulet was heard of and speculated about, but never played a prominent role in any known creatures life.

--PROPERTIES-- Grants the wearer true displacement, making them appear up to 10 ft away from where they really are, and setting the wearer 5 seconds ahead of time.


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