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Amulet of Sweet Rage: This simple hemp necklace has 3 open slots. The open slots can be fixed with a morsel of a sugary item of the owner's choice. Ingesting the necklace's sugary morsels will then improve and create rage like effects.

If the character is a barbarian and ingests one of the sugary items, no save, he adds an additional +2 bonus to his strength and constitution while enraged. He also adds an addition +1 to his damage reduction while enraged but he takes an additional -2 penalty to AC (for a total of -4 AC) The effects of the sugar rage influence are experienced if taken before or after the rage starts. All the barbarian's other rage abilities still apply.

If a non barbarian character ingests sugar charged by the amulet, he or she immediately becomes enraged as a level 1 barbarian, no save. Albeit, with damage reduction 1/-, and with an additional -2 penalty to AC (for a total of -4 AC) The fit of sugar rage lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character’s (newly improved) Constitution modifier. All other level one barbarian rage abilities still apply.

It is a standard action to consume a sugary morsel from the necklace, and the rage starts the following round. With the quickdraw feat, a sugary morsel can be drawn and eaten as a free action. Any character can be effected by the necklace's sugary charged sweets. Even characters that aren't wearing the necklace.

Adding a single sugar item to the necklace requires a DC 10 perform cooking check and some basic cooking items. It then takes a full 24 hours for the sugary morsels to become magically charged by the necklace. A sugary morsel removed from the necklace loses its magical abilities in 6 hours, even if is put back in the necklace.

CL 10; Craft wondrous item (feat), Bull Strength (Spell known), 5 ranks in perform cooking.; Cost 4,000 GP in materials. 200 XP.; Market Price: 12,000 GP

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