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Rating: 3 / 5
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It's big. It's mostly flat. Everybody wants a piece, and nobody wants to share. That's how it's been as long as I've been alive, and it'll probably be the same when I die.
—Sheriff Jules Masterson, Sour Springs, Nation of Dallas.

Over a century has passed since the Great War ended and history began again. It has been six years since the end of the Twenty Years War. The Nation-States, as ever, are in constant flux, rising and falling in dominance, laying their own claims to their own little territories, never truly working in unison. In the spaces in between, the land is wild, untamed, and uncharted, with thin bands of known roads and railroads tying the nations together. Bandits roam the roads, monsters prowl the far countryside, and in the depths of the uncharted lands at the continent's heart, the Native America roam.

Peace has come, and though uneasy, it looks fit to stay, as no-one can afford another war. The time is ripe to grow--for nations to expand, for maps to be filled in, for fortunes to be made and lost again. The era of the great adventurer has come--the explorer, the mercenary, the inventor, and the philosopher rule the new peace. Not for nothing is this time called the Age of Glory.

It is a time of adventure. Of discovery. Of excitement, and conquest, and danger at every turn. And what will happen next is anybody's guess.

Player Info

Get to know the peoples of Americana.
The divine, the arcane, and the just plain weird.
Weapons and Tech
Every good craftsman needs a proper set of tools...
Laws and Traditions
Law and Order come in many flavors.
Nations and Societies
List of Nations
Know your enemy- and your friend, just in case.

World Reference

An interesting blend of fact, fiction, and hearsay.
Who's watching your back?
The Dragon Lords
Every society has someone in charge.
Places and Regions
It helps to know about where you're going, even if you're not sure where.
Creatures and Hazards
Flora, fauna, and terra firma; what's waiting for you outside the city?

The Great Nation

The Facts
The no-frills, no-fluff explanation for the Americana setting.
Adding On
A little history and a little advice.
Some ideas, if you're still short.
Assorted unsorted errata and information.

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