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Aluminum is a very light and very expensive metal.

Weapons and armor made of pure aluminum would be practically worthless, due to the extreme lightness and softness. A pure Aluminum weapon costs 3 times as much as a steel weapon, while weighing 1/3 as much. This causes most weapons to be ineffective as weapons, posing a -2 to attack and damage. It also doesn't make protective armor, giving a -2 to AC, but making them eaier to move in, +2 to max dex. The only real benefit of pure aluminum, is an imuninity to acid damage and all corrosive effects.

Aluminum is of more benefit when mixed with other metals, providing acid resistance 5 and a +5 to resist rust effects. This can be added to a weapon at creation for a 50% increase in price, or added in a manner similar to alchemical silver. Aluminum has 15 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 6.

Type of Aluminum Item Item Cost Modifier
light weapon +300 gp
one handed weapon +650 gp
two handed weapon +1300 gp
Light armor +600 gp
Medium armor +1200 gp
Heavy armor +2700 gp
Shield +400 gp

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