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Altered State Amnesiac[edit]

You remember everything about your life. Where you grew up, who raised you, that time you completely froze up when you tried to ask your crush out on a date. You remember your life clearly...or do you? Though you think you have memories of your life, the fact is that they are not your own memories. They have been implanted into your mind for whatever reason. But why? Were you given someone else's memories with the intent of replacing someone? Are you memories actual events, or are they fictional? Are you even who you think you are? Are these false memories self imposed? Or is it just a severe case of the Mandela Effect?

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Forgery Kit

Languages: The language of who you think you are speaks.

Equipment: A Trinket that may or may not be connected to who you really are (it's up to your DM whether or they are connected to your real past or not), a set of commoner's clothes, and a belt pouch with 15 GP.

Hidden Memories[edit]

Though you can't consciously recall who you really are, there is a part of your subconscious that still holds onto your past self. And your memories attempt to find their way out in some way once in a while.

d4 Hidden Memories
1 You tend to have dreams that don't match up with your conscious memories.
2 Though you may not recognize someone, certain people tend to stick out to you.
3 You have certain personality traits that don't quite match up with who you think you are.
4 When you take a chance to just relax and let your mind wander, you tend to remember certain details. However, before you have the chance to latch onto those memories, they're gone.

Feature: Amnesiac Savant[edit]

If there is a task connected with your past (whether it be knowing locations, figuring out passwords, etc.), you have advantage when doing that task, even if it requires a skill you are not proficient in. The DM chooses what talents you will be able to know.

Alternate Feature: Rewritten Mentality[edit]

Thanks to your memories being altered, you have a resistance against any attempts to determine your intent or if you're being honest, making you good at fooling others.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 You tend to forget that your memories are false, leading you to say things about yourself or your past that are factually incorrect.
2 you forget that you forgot to forget
d6 Ideal
1 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
2 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
3 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
4 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
5 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
6 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
d6 Bond
d6 Flaw
1 You sometimes have trouble telling the difference between what's real and what's fiction. (Disadvantage on History checks)

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