Allergic To Bull (3.5e Trait)

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Allergic To Bull[edit]

You know when they are lying but this makes u miss things and makes people think you're sick.
Benefit: You are under a constant Discern Lies effect. Caster level is your character level for determining will saves. (DC 10 + Caster lvl + Wisdom Mod)
Drawback: You take a -2 for spot, listen, and search checks. -2 to diplomacy checks for people who don't know about your allergy.
Normal: You are not allergic to bull and have to try to sense if they are lying.
Roleplaying Ideas: Maybe your character avoids people because of all the lies or takes the role of "Interrogator" for he always knows when they lie. You can make this work. I have faith in you. :) -DM CrowClaw

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