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Alchemy (Int; Trained Only; Power)[edit]

Check: Using this skill a character can turn any object into gold. The character can touch an object as a touch attack against the objects holders Defense and turns it into gold, making the object useless if it had mechanical parts or any other moving parts. If an object is not being held then simply touching the object allows for the check to be made.

Example: Joe touches a gun and turns it into gold. The gun can not function as it normally did and can not shoot bullets any more. But if he used it on a spoon, it would still be a spoon and could be used to eat with as normal.

The check result of the character determines the value in wealth if the object is sold after being turned into gold. If the character fails the check the object becomes destroyed and useless, melting into a puddle of what it formally was. The puddle is not hot and hardens as soon as the user of the skill stops touching the object.

Wealth Bonus Increase Check DC
+1 15
+2 20

Try Again?: No, you either turn the object into gold or into a puddle of its former self.

Time: It takes a full round action to activate this skill, the touch attack necessary to use this skill is part of this action.

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