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Alchemical Weaponmaster[edit]

Twas not a homunculus that hath been wrought, but an odd mix of something like a bow and tonics which rendered the opposition all but burned and lame.
—Fayn Uyurin, Alchemyst Epics
Class Traits
Role: Striker/Controller. One who draws on formulae as well as strength to best everyone on the battlefield
Power Source: Arcane. Tinkering with potions, tinctures, as well as weapon design leaves you with a higher sense of understanding of how to manipulate and augment yourself and the battlefield to your favor.
Key Abilities: Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution
Armor Proficiencies: cloth, leather, hide
Weapon Proficiencies: simple and military ranged weapons, crossling, throwing hammer, spiked chain, alchemy weapons (you have a +2 to damage with weapons that have this property)
Bonus to Defense: +2 Reflex
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Dungeoneering or Arcana.  From the class skills list below, choose 4 more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Nature (Wis), Perception (Wis)
Build Options: Tactical alchemical weaponmaster, trickster alchemical weaponmaster
Class Features: Weapons Jack, Enhance Weapon, Synthesis

Alchemical weaponmasters are swift and clever pieces on the chessboard. They operate as necessity forces them to invent new techniques of survival, not just combat. Using these tactics, they aim to outmaneuver, outlast, and outsmart opponents. Their weapons are often oddly configured to perform more than their intended function. If nothing else, alchemical weaponmasters are resourceful. They are able to lay traps for those whom they know they cannot take on in a full frontal assault. They skulk about the battlefield as scouts for allies, and formulate new alchemical tinctures to aid allies and debilitate enemies. They are true team players who can run the field in a pinch.

As an alchemical weaponmaster, you handle both offensive and tactical responsibilities. The weaponmaster part makes you a jack of all trades of a variety of weapons. You could be at the front lines, slashing away at enemies with an alchemically enhanced sword. Or you could be slinging alchemist fire and potions from afar, away from the line of danger. You constantly need to adapt yourself to the situations that call for it, throwing healing items to allies when needed, or weakening opponents when the going gets tough.

Take up your bow, staves, and swords with your alchemists tools and wreak some havoc!

Alchemical Weaponmaster Overview

Characteristics: Alchemical weaponmasters use unorthodox means through weapons and alchemy to get the job done, whether they are front liners or supporting characters.
Religion: Religions don't factor too much into alchemy, which is a bit more scientific. Alchemical weaponmasters like to think and tinker, rather than ponder existential questions deeply. For the religious minority though, Ioun is a great choice to help reach the peak of mental perfection.
Races: While they are called weaponmasters, strength is not necessarily what they need. They rely on wit and speed more often. What you'd want is a race that is familiar with the flavor of alchemy. Sturdy or dexterous races are also viable, like the homunculus.

Creating an Alchemical Weaponmaster[edit]

Generally, there are two kinds of alchemical weaponmasters: tactical and trickster.

Tactical Alchemical Weaponmaster

Tactical means maneuvering as needed to ensure the best outcome in a battle for you. This means shifting roles and supporting heavy hitters as well as making some headway yourself sometimes.

Suggested Feat: Attack Recharge
Suggested Skills: Dungeoneering, History, Diplomacy
Suggested At-Will Powers: transmute length, resourceful cycle
Suggested Encounter Power: battle step
Suggested Daily Power: calculation
Trickster Alchemical Weaponmaster

The trickster weaponmaster is one who toys with opponents, dealing them conditions and debilitating them while staying clear of direct line of fire. They are wily and great at supporting front liners.

Suggested Feat: Master of Poisons
Suggested Skills: Acrobatics, Streetwise, Thievery
Suggested At-Will Powers: jarring strike, potion of elements
Suggested Encounter Power: mind warp
Suggested Daily Power: weapon burst
Ability Scores

Your Intelligence is your primary means of survival, followed by Dexterity, making you a paragon of reflexes. Constitution is a tertiary stat that remains important for prolonging survival.


Alchemical weaponmasters benefit from feats that augment their ability with weaponry to increase their damage and effectiveness on the battlefield. As you gain levels in this class, you will eventually become specialized in certain weapons, so weapon-specific feats may come in handy. Alchemy feats definitely are needed to craft materials for use, and feats that augment them as well are also appreciated, like the Alchemy[1] and Creation Mastery[2] feats. There is a custom feat for this class that is an example of an enhancement to using alchemical items detailed in the Feats section below. Initiative boosting feats help ensure they can set the field for allies before opponents can act. And you'll probably want some enhancers for survivability since this capitalizes so much on reflex that it neglects will.


Alchemical weaponmasters need to start out well equipped to be able to do much of anything from lower levels forth. Simple light armors will suffice, like cloth. If you're willing to splurge and get leather, be sure to have enough left over for some alchemical reagents and, of course, weapons you can capitalize on. Weapons for your use will generally be beneficial if they are ranged, so you can keep some safe distance away from heavy battles and whittle away at opponents. Special kinds of weapons that capitalize on your use of alchemical concoctions are a bonus.

You start off with a either a crossling, which is a hybrid of a crossbow and a sling or a alchemist bow.

Class Features[edit]

Every alchemical weaponmaster has the following features.

Weapons Jack[edit]

Benefit: You gain +2 to the attacks of one weapon of your choice.


You are more confident in your alchemical items than the blade of a smithy.

Benefit: While not in combat, you can spend five minutes to replace the head or blade of any thrown object with an alchemical item that is typically thrown. The new item uses the original thrown item's ability for attacks, but the alchemical properties for effects. People not proficient with alchemical items take a -2 to attacks with the new item. Alternatively, while in combat, you may spend a whole turn to do this. Weapons altered this way are given the alchemy property.

Enhance Weapon[edit]

The deadliness in your expertise lies in augmenting weapons to be more useful and potent than they normally would be without your touch. You know how to change a weapon for the better, similar to a smith who polishes up diamonds to show their untapped potential. At the end of an extended rest, you can create ten weapon enhancements that last until the end of the next extended rest. At 16th level, you can create 13 enhancements. The weapons you enhance with these enhancements gain the alchemy property for their duration.

The effect of a weapon enhancement is determined at the time of use, not at the time of creation. When you use a weapon enhance power, he expends one of the enhancements created during the last extended rest.

Heroic Tier[edit]

Level Feats Known Class Features and Powers
1 1 Weapons Jack, Enhance Weapon, Synthesis
2 +1 Utility Power
4 +1 Ability score increase
6 +1 Utility Power
8 +1 Ability score increase
10 +1 Utility Power

Level 1[edit]

Early on the road, alchemical weaponmasters separate themselves from the rest of the flock based on their unique style of resourcefulness. Having no direct magic, they rely on other things that put them over the top, even when they have yet to be accomplished. You gain class features, racial traits, 1 Feats, starting skills, 2 at-will powers, 1 encounter power, and 1 daily power

Level 1 At-Will Powers[edit]

A good deal of being an alchemical weaponmaster is being able to make the best use of even odds and ends. You employ a variety of items like potions and concoctions to use in battle. This may make you sound a bit costly due to all the consumables, but you have ways of dealing with that.

Resourceful Cycle Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 1
You know how to use items to best prolong their use and reduce wear and breakage
At-Will Star.gif Arcane
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You use an item with the alchemy keyword
Effect: Roll a 1d4. On a 4, the item is not consumed from use.

Potion of Elements Alchemist Expertise Attack 1
Using your powers of transmutation, you can shift elements to suit your needs in battle.
At-Will Star.gif Arcane, Weapon
Standard Action '
Requirement: Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength/Dexterity Vs. AC
Hit: 1[W]
Effect: You deal 1 extra damage to this creature with whatever element is on the weapon it's hit with(including physical). Allies within 2 squares of you take 1 less damage from whatever element is on this weapon.
Level 20: 2[W]. 2x effect.
Special: These effects last throughout the encounter and do not stack.

Potion Table
Cost (gp) Potion Effect
<-insert value-> <-potion <-effect->

Transmute Length Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
By changing the structure of a weapon, you can elongate it, allowing it to shoot out and hit from afar, albeit with some detriment to accuracy.
At-Will Star.gif Weapon
Standard Action 10
Requirement: melee weapon
Target: One square
Attack: Strength Vs. AC
Hit: [W]
Effect: You can hit something/one up to 10 squares away if there's nothing in the way of a direct straight line and with a -1 to attack for every 2 squares.

Jarring Strike Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
Your expert strike generates an extra effect of rattling those unfortunate enough to be hit.
At-Will Star.gif Weapon, Martial
Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. AC
Hit: 1 [W] + Intelligence modifier damage, and the next ally to attack the target before the end of your next turn gains a +2 power bonus to the attack roll.
Special: Level 21 : 2[W] + Intelligence modifier damage.

Level 1 Encounter Powers[edit]

Alchemystical Rend Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
By warping the alchemical make-up of an enemy, you force parts of themselves to die in cellular death, simultaneously crippling them.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Ranged 15
Target: One creature within range
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Will
Hit: The target takes 2d6 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage. Until the end of their next turn they suffer -2 to attack rolls.
  Level 10: 4d6 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage

Mind Warp Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
Using your superior intelligence, you dwarf another being's will and assault their mental faculties with mental alchemy
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Psychic
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Will
Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier psychic damage

Battle Step Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
Efficiency dictates that you move to your next foe as quickly as possible
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + 1d6 + Dexterity modifier damage and you can shift 2 squares after the first attack

Chain Pull Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
With a little alchemy, you extend a chain from your weapon to harpoon and yank an enemy closer to you
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. AC
Hit: 1[W], you pull the target 3 squares and the target is immobilized

Level 1 Daily Powers[edit]

Alchemic Ripple Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
You compress and twist space, forcing the pressure of the changing dimension onto an enemy in a series of bombarding ripples.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Weapon, Force
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2[W] + Intelligence modifier force damage
Effect: Each enemy adjacent to you gains ongoing 5 force damage (save ends)

Muscle Alchemy Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 1
Using your knowledge of your own anatomy, you transmute your muscles into overdrive and deliver a particularly crushing blow.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: If your next attack hits, the damage is double the rolled result.
  Level 10: All modifiers to damage are doubled.

Calculation Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 1
As one used to fighting from a range, you alter your weapon strikes with minor alchemy so it coordinates with your own sight and your strikes are made with guided precision.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Close Burst 5
Requirement: Ranged weapon
Target: Each creature in burst
Effect: Roll 1d4. Until the end of the encounter, you gain that as a bonus to all attack rolls against each target with your weapon.

Weapon Burst Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 1
Charging your weapon with alchemic energies, you release them when cornered to stall enemies who surround you by momentarily paralyzing them
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Close Burst 2
Requirement: Weapon
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10 + Intelligence Modifier Lightning damage, and the target is paralyzed, save ends.
Miss: Half damage, target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Level 2[edit]

You expand your repertoire of tricks. Beyond just hitting enemies head-on, you have ways of controlling the field and maneuvering pieces around.
You gain 1 Feats and 1 utility power

Level 2 Utility Powers[edit]

Potion of Endurance[3] Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 2
You create an alchemic essence of replenishment which you then ingest and gain temporary succor.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to 2 + your Wisdom Modifier.
Unwarranted Side Effects: Gain additional temporary hit points equal to your Intelligence Modifier.

Brew of Fortitude Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 2
By transmuting minute parts of the body and/or armor, you make your party significantly harder to damage.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Close Burst 1
Target: Allies within range
Effect: Targets gain a +2 power bonus to AC and a +2 to Fortitude defense until the end of the encounter.

Transmute Snare Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 2
With some alchemy, you change the medium of a nearby hard material into a trap that snaps shut on enemies, restraining them entirely.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Ranged 5
Target: One square
Effect: Any creature which steps on the square is stunned for 3 turns. When the magic loses hold and the prison collapses. They cannot be attacked as they are surrounded by hard material. This trap can be destroyed from the outside with physical damage at the DM's discretion depending on the material.

Poison Enhancement Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 2
Using a weapon enhancement, you coat your weapon with a poisonous substance to destroy your enemy's health.
Encounter Star.gif Alchemy, Weapon
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: One weapon or implement
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, Creatures hit with this weapon suffer from poison effects taking a -3 to all rolls.
Level 10: -4

Level 20: -6

Level 3[edit]

Alchemy is all around us. As you gain expertise in your craft, you can manipulate the different substances in the environment to your advantage. You gain 1 encounter power.

Level 3 Encounter Powers[edit]

Weapon Warp Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 3
In a pinch, you utilize a quick burst of alchemy to warp and twist a weapon that is about to hit you, slowing its attack.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You are about to take damage from an attack
Effect: The attacker rerolls the attack roll with a penalty equal to your Intelligence Modifier.

Shift Field Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 3
Like the master tactician you aim to be, you can manipulate the field around you to your advantage with alchemy
' '
Effect: make a big area around you turn into difficult terrain or stabs enemies maybe

Coordinate Optics Alchemical Weaponmaster 3
To bolster your tactics, you use alchemy to link up the sight of yourself and your other allies so you all can collaborate better
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Close Burst 3
Target: You and each ally in Burst
Effect: Each target, until the end of the encounter, can see all what the other targets see. One time until the end of the encounter, you may, as a minor action, make a perception check, with a +2 bonus per target, excluding yourself.

Flash Potion Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 3
With a volatile concoction, you create a reactionary compound that explodes into a burst of blinding light, possibly burning creatures adverse to lumination.
Encounter Star.gif Radiant
Standard Action Close Blast 3
Target: All creatures in Blast
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Dexterity
Hit: 1d10 radiant damage
Effect: All targets are blinded until the start of your next turn.
Special: Undead targets take extra damage equivalent to your Intelligence modifier.

Level 4[edit]

As a hero, you have definitely made a headway in what you sought to accomplish. Your reflexive tactics in battle have gained you new skill and expertise. You gain 1 Feats and +1 to 2 ability scores.

Level 5[edit]

The elements and substances used by an alchemist are able to change in surprising ways. One growing in skill as you learns to harness their capricious natures to your advantage, taking enemies unawares with surprising effects. You gain 1 daily power.

Level 5 Daily Powers[edit]

Alchemist Expertise Alchemical Weaponmaster Class Feature
Your alchemy lets you throw a substance at a foe and induce powerful effects in addition to its normal potency.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Weapon
Minor Action '
Requirement: Potion of Acid/Cold/Fire/Poison/Lightning
Effect: <-something about inducing an extra condition on the target (sleep, burn (hb), etc)->
Special: The potion is consumed

Alchemist Ooze Alchemical Weaponmaster Class Feature
By transmuting your own form, you can basically change into an amorphous material to better by pass obstacles.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Personal
Effect: <-something about changing into a liquid to slip under doors or something, or maybe just the ooze trait->

Graviton Crush Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 5
By augmenting the force of gravity in an area with alchemy, you can crush enemies into a paste.
' Blast 6
Target: Creatures within Blast
Attack: Wisdom vs Fortitude
Effect: creatures in range take force damage

Counter Flurry Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 5
When those who try to take advantage of you miss, you can strike them with a devastating amount of force due to their own openings.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Gain a bonus to all defenses equal to Intelligence Modifier against Opportunity Attacks until end of your next turn. Until the end of your next turn, if you provoke an opportunity attack and are not hit, you may make a melee basic attack against your attacker.

Level 6[edit]

You gain 1 utility power and 1 Feats.

Level 6 Utility Powers[edit]

Spring Step Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 6
With alchemy, you enhance your jumps by leaps and bounds.
At-Will Star.gif Arcane
Move Action Personal
Effect: You make an Athletics check to jump with a +5 bonus.

Liquid Lead Alchemical Weaponmaster 6
Using one of the densest substances in the known world, you recruit gravity in your aid in slowing and squishing enemies under its weight.
' '
Effect: slows your target, and they take ongoing 1 force damage (save ends both)

Alter Weight Alchemical Weaponmaster 6
You can manipulate the concentration of gravity in a large span of ground to make it harder for things to move.
' '
Effect: Has a big range, slows creatures and makes them have penalty in reflex saves

Level 7[edit]

You gain 1 encounter power

Level 7 Encounter Powers[edit]

Potion of Death Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 7
As you develop skills, you learn to make this brew more and more toxic...
Encounter Star.gif Poison, Necrotic
Standard Action 5
Requirement: Open hand to throw the potion
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Will
Hit: 2d10 necrotic damage
Special: If the target is 2 levels or less than the user, they die at the start of the user's next turn.

Reagent Armor Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 7
You cover yourself with an alchemical corrosive that erodes the enemy's offenses when they hit.
Encounter Star.gif Aura
Standard Action Personal Aura 1
Requirement: Armor
Effect: Any creatures within your aura that attack you with a weapon regardless of if they hit you take a -5 penalty with that weapon, and you take half damage from that attack. This effect ends at the start of your second turn after this.

Reactant Armor Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 7
With the power of super reactive solutions, you can make an enemy's attack literally backfire on themselves.
Encounter Star.gif Aura
Standard Action Personal Aura 1
Requirement: Armor
Effect: Any creatures within your aura that attack you with a weapon take half that damage to themselves and you take no damage. This effect ends at the start of your second turn after this.

Weapon Frenzy Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 7
You strike at your surrounding enemies like a whirlwind of weapons, blurring as you furiously swap between arms in your arsenal.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee Aura 1
Requirement: Must have at least three weapons either on hand or in inventory
Target: All creatures within Aura
Attack: Intelligence vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] per weapon + Intelligence Modifier damage + Alchemical Weaponmaster level.

Level 8[edit]

Nearing the first pinnacle of heroism, your mind and body are both sharpened. You gain 1 Feats and +1 to 2 ability scores

Level 9[edit]

You gain 1 daily power.

Level 9 Daily Powers[edit]

Shrapanel Spur Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 9
You smash apart an expendable weapon on an enemy, giving them painful wounds.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: one creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to speed and attack rolls.
Your weapon is destroyed.

Control Field Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 9
You construct an alchemical circle which messes with the movement of foes that dare to step foot near you.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Aura
Standard Action Aura 3
Target: All creatures within Aura
Effect: Enemies entering the aura or starting their turn within the aura have a penalty to their movement, saving throws and attack rolls equal to your Intelligence modifier until the end of the encounter.

Rending Circle Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 9
You make an alchemy circle appear under an area that thoroughly twists the very souls of those within, breaking their spirit and body.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Necrotic
Standard Action Close Blast 4
Target: All creatures within Burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will or Fortitude (you pick)
Hit: 2d6 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage, and the targets are stunned for 2 turns
Miss: Half damage and not stunned

Aimed Force Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 9
Taking on a stance mimicking an occular enhancement rune of alchemy, you observe for weak points and moments of opportunity to evade attacks
Daily Star.gif Stance
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: Until the stance ends, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls and a +5 bonus to Reflex saves

Level 10[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and 1 utility power.

Level 10 Utility Powers[edit]

Fire Enhancement Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 10
Using a weapon enhancement, you coat your weapon with a substance that sets enemies aflame.
Encounter Star.gif Alchemy, Weapon
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: One weapon or implement
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, Creatures hit with this weapon take an ongoing 4 fire damage until the creature succeeds a DC 20 nature check.
Level 20: 6 damage

Acid Enhancement Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 10
Using a weapon enhancement, you coat your weapon with a substance that corrodes their armor and defenses.
Daily Star.gif Alchemy, Weapon
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: One weapon or implement
Effect: Creatures hit with this weapon have 3 turns to succeed a DC 20 nature check. Unless the check is made, both before and after the 3 turns, this creature's armor class is reduced to 10 until the end of the encounter.
Level 20: The creature only has 2 turns to succeed the check

Cold Enhancement Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 10
Using a weapon enhancement, you coat your weapon with a substance that freezes and slows their movements.
Daily Star.gif Alchemy, Weapon
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: One weapon or implement
Effect: Creatures hit with this weapon are moved to the bottom of the initiative order, and have a -3 to movement speed and -1 to attacks for 4 turns.
Level 20: -4 to attacks for duration

Lightning Enhancement Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 10
Using a weapon enhancement, you add an electrifying component to your arm of choice.
Daily Star.gif Alchemy, Weapon
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: One weapon or implement
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, lightning chains to other creatures based off the creature hit with the enhanced weapon. For every creature within 3 squares of the creature hit, that creature makes a Fortitude save. if they fail, they take half of the weapons original output damage as lightning damage inflicted on the source creature.
Level 20: Creatures within range take equal damage to source

Paragon Tier[edit]

Not settling for just the path of a hero, you go onward to become a paragon of what an alchemical weaponmaster can be. The normal weaknesses do not impede you any longer, as you become an ideal of what can be achieved with a bit of thinking and a lot of concocting.

Level Feats Known Class Features and Powers
11 +1 Ability score increase
Paragon Path Features
Paragon Path Power
12 +1 Paragon Path Power
14 +1 Ability score increase
16 +1
Paragon Path Feature
18 +1 Ability score increase
20 +1 Paragon Path Power

Level 11[edit]

You gain +1 to all ability scores, a Feats, as well as paragon path features and a paragon encounter power <-link paragon paths below->

Level 12[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and one paragon utility power <-link paragon paths below->

Level 13[edit]

You replace 1 encounter power

Level 13 Encounter Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Level 14[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and +1 to two ability scores

Level 15[edit]

You replace one daily power

Level 15 Daily Powers[edit]

Ouroboros Cycle Alchemical Weaponmaster Utility 15
Like the snake of infinity, you gain a penchant for eluding death and extending your lifespan beyond danger.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Personal
Effect: If you drop to 0 hp, you are left with 1 hp instead. This effect lasts until the it's used or the end of the encounter

Summon Launcher Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 15
You quickly pull up a launcher from the arcane weave and power it with your alchemical knowledge, decimating enemies.
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Close blast 9
Effect: 9 square AOE of X damage type, Yd20 damage, miss results in the DM deciding where the rocket hits, crit fail = dud. One full turn to reload, standard action to fire, minor to aim. (X= fire, radiant, whatever alchemical formula you load in. Y= level. So first level = 1d20. 5th level = 5d20, and so on

Level 16[edit]

You gain a Feats, a utility power, and a paragon path feature <-link paragon paths below->

Level 16 Utility Powers[edit]

<-need 1 encounter, 4 daily->

Level 17[edit]

You replace 1 encounter power

Level 17 Encounter Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Artery Pierce Alchemical Weaponmaster Attack 17
With your battle expertise, you aim and strike a vital point, making your opponent bleed.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength/Dexterity Vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Strength/Dexterity damage and target takes ongoing 10 damage.

Level 18[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and +1 to 2 ability scores

Level 19[edit]

You replace 1 daily power

Level 19 Daily Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Level 20[edit]

You gain 1 paragon daily power and 1 Feats. <-link paragon paths below->

Epic Alchemical Weaponmaster[edit]

Legends speak of how with a single prick of your bow that you put dragons to sleep with your powerfully crafted substances. Healing and harming are both easily within your grasp. The battlefield is but a projection of your mind for you to control with your supreme mental capacity.

Level Feats Known Class Features and Powers
21 +1 Ability score increase
Epic Destiny Feature
22 +1
24 +1 Ability score increase
Epic Destiny Feature
26 +1 Epic Destiny Power
28 +1 Ability score increase
30 +1 Epic Destiny Feature

Level 21[edit]

You gain 1 epic destiny feature, 1 Feats and +1 to all ability scores <-link epic destinies below->

Level 22[edit]

You gain 1 utility power and 1 Feats.

Level 22 Utility Powers[edit]

<-need 4 daily->

Level 23[edit]

You replace 1 encounter power

Level 23 Encounter Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Level 24[edit]

You gain 1 Feats, 1 epic destiny feature, and +1 to 2 ability scores

Level 25[edit]

You replace 1 daily power

Level 25 Daily Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Level 26[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and 1 epic destiny utility power <-link epic destinies below->

Level 27[edit]

You replace 1 encounter power

Level 27 Encounter Powers[edit]

<-need 4->

Level 28[edit]

You gain 1 Feats and +1 to 2 ability scores

Level 29[edit]

You replace 1 daily power

Level 29 Daily Powers[edit]

<-need 2->

Level 30: Epic Destiny Feature[edit]

It is time to prepare for your final challenge. Will you go down a legend, or rise up as a god. You gain 1 epic destiny feature and 1 Feats. <-link epic destinies below->

Paragon Paths[edit]

Brew Junkie[edit]

Prerequisite: Alchemical weaponmaster
Alchemy Junkie Path Features:
Your body has been drastically altered to ensure you never develop tolerance against the potency of your potions. In fact, you body goes into overdrive when you use some potions.

Fortified Plunder Brew Junkie Attack 20
Drinking a dose of your own making, you kick your body into hyperdrive to deliver a single blow of last resort.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Immediate Reaction Melee Weapon
Trigger: You use your Potion of Endurance power.
Requirement: Weapon, Potion of Endurance
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength + 2 Vs. AC
Hit: 3[W] + temporary hit points damage and target is dazed (save ends). If the target is bloodied by this attack, the target takes a −2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and no ongoing damage or penalty to attack rolls.

Alchemy Commander[edit]

Prerequisite: Alchemical weaponmaster
Alchemy Commander Path Features:
You never have enough pieces to boss around on the battlefield. The more pawns the better. As an alchemist, you have the means to create creatures that can handle the small details and fill spots so the rest of your war machine runs smoothly.

Level 11
Homunculus Servant
Level 11
Living Turret
Level 11
Animated Shield

Epic Destinies[edit]

Bile Archalchemist[edit]

Prerequisite: 21st-level Alchemical Weaponmaster
Like the Bile Spider King Ziguarz, you have harnessed alchemical power to such an extent that you can permanently alter living creatures, twisting them to alchemically altered forms for battle. But unlike foul king, you can use these powers for good as well as evil. What you touch can break or mend, based on what alchemy you use. What is decent can be made better or worse with your extensive knowledge of formulae. A fortress for a city can be equipped to automatically grow spikes, or a suit of trap armor can be manipulated to spike its wearer to death. The extent to which your powers to influence other beings potential is limited only by your imagination. No longer do rules, arcane or mundane, bind your powers of creation and revision.
Experimentation Retreat: When you complete your final quest, you can sit back and ease into the life of a true scientist. You cannot retreat to some convenient sanctum like an archmage, but you do have a holding where you can study and practice in peace, perhaps in the unforgiving areas of cold, or within the dungeons as a kingdom's minister of alchemy. Often you may retreat to your laboratory where you are in the process of making new life. You may concoct many new substances which will carry your name as their use spreads throughout the world. In your search for perfection, you may even make the prized Philosopher's Stone, granting you immortality.

Bile Archalchemist Features[edit]

21st level
24th level
30th level

Bile Archalchemist Power[edit]

' Bile Archalchemist 26
' '


Prerequisite: 21st-level Alchemical Weaponmaster
Those who say "jack of all trades, master of none" are wrong. Not only are you a master of all arms, but you are also a whiz with how to use them with alchemy. You may have polished your skills to their zenith, having slaughtered all who stand in your way. But there remains still more for you to do, or so you can feel. Even as a master, you continue to polish your skills, perhaps becoming a wanderer across other realms to fight new foes and forge new frontiers. Maybe you found a school for warriors to train the next generation even.
Indirect Immortality: Your name may go down in history due to the whispers of your feats. After your final quest, people will speak of you as a great warrior, but for what cause? Did you fight and use your powers for justice or evil? Depending on what you do, deities may invite you to spend the rest of your days in a Valhalla to battle out the rest of your days alongside other greats. Others may see you as an eternal enemy to be hunted to dust.

Jackmaster Features[edit]

Arsenal Carrier (21st level)

By spending 1 hour of inner discipline, you can mark up to 5 weapons in your possession by forging a bond with them through this hour. As a minor action, you can call your bonded weapon to your hand as long as it is within 10 squares of you. You can also use a free action to swap a bonded weapon to your hand with another bonded weapon. If you bond with a weapon with the "load minor" property, you can instead treat it as a "load free."

Mighty Wielder (24th level)

Using weapons in new ways is not lost to you, and you can do so in a way which makes you more powerful. You now treat two-handed weapons as one-handed. Additionally, your bonded weapons land a critical hit on a 19-20 roll.

30th level

Jackmaster Power[edit]

' Jackmaster 26
' '


Official Feats
  • Alchemist
  • Creation Mastery
Alchemist Feats
  • Alchemist Sniper
You gain greater expertise in your usage of alchemical weapons on a new way.
Prerequisite: Alchemical weaponmaster
Benefit:Your knowledge of throwing alchemical items has allowed you to gain +2 to all ranged alchemical item attacks
  • <-Insert custom feat name->
Prerequisite: Alchemical weaponmaster
Other Feats

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