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Titanic aberration/celestial/monstrosity, chaotic evil

Armor Class 50 (natural armor)
Hit Points 5650 (80d100+1600)
Speed 1000 ft. fly (hover)

110 (+50) () 95 (+42) () 150 (+70) () 150 (+70) () 120 (+55) () 90 (+40) ()

Saving Throws all
Skills all (+45)
Damage Immunities All non Magical damage
Condition Immunities All conditions
Senses passive Perception 65, Truesight 3000ft, Blindsight 3000ft,
Languages All, Telepathy
Challenge 99 (??? XP)

Warped Reality. The presence of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh warps reality, causing a 10 mile area centered on Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh to become difficult terrain for everyone but the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh. All magic cast in the radius causes a Mass Amplifying Flux and Wild Magical Surge. Roll a d6 for each spell to find the number of copies and double the damage rolls, choose random targets for each.

Non-Euclidian Horror. Any creature that starts its turn within 5 miles of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh must succeed on a DC 30 wisdom save or gain Level 4 exhaustion and fall unconscious for 1 minute.

Otherworldly Protection. Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh automatically succeeds on saving throws against spells, and is resistant to all damage dealt by a spell.

Void Aura. Any line spell such as Magic Missile or Ray of Frost that is casted at the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh automatically misses and is instead deflected back at the caster, who takes full spell damage.

Innate Spellcasting. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh can innately cast any spell (Save DC 40), requiring no material, somatic or verbal components. This also includes Spells of Legend, and spells of 10th level or higher.

Being of Chaos. All of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's attacks do chaos damage, which is a type of damage that cannot be nullified by resistances, immunities or any magical item.

Prescient. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh cannot be surprised and always goes first in initiative order.

Augmented Critical. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's attacks score a critical hit on a die roll of 18–20, and on a critical hit it rolls damage dice three times, instead of twice.

Elder of Annihilation. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh ignores all other creatures' damage resistances and immunities.

Eldritch Resistance (7/Day). If the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

Limited Magic Immunity. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh can't be affected or detected by spells of 7th level or lower unless it wishes to be. It has advantage on saving throws against all other spells and magical effects.

Reactive. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh can take one reaction per turn, instead of one per round.

Regeneration. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh regains 160 hit points at the start of its turn if it has at least 1 hit point remaining.

Siege Monster. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh deals double damage to objects and structures.

Ultimate Evil. All creatures in the presence of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh will view it as an enemy, no matter their alignment, and will work towards its demise.

Foretold Being. A complex ritual exists which may be used to permanently banish the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh. •The skull of a fallen friend, hallowed out and used as a small cauldron. •A small vial of the casters own blood, blessed by a diety. •Tissue of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's core body or limbs. •Mythic Tarrasque carapace, crushed into a fine powder. •The dying breath of a legendary warrior. •The right hand of a close friend. •The left hand of a mortal enemy. •A tear of happiness. Mix the ingredients together and chant for 1 hour while underneath the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh. Consume the potion while holding the skull and allow the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh to corrupt the caster of the ritual. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh will then be banished and linked with the skull and the caster, granting them True Immortality for as long as they carry the skull. The caster will then act as a vessel to hold the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh at bay for as long as they remain alive.


Smite of Nightmares. Ranged Magic Attack: automatic hit, reach 2750 ft., 15 targets. Hit: 131 (12d10 + 55) necrotic damage + 110 (10d10 + 55) chaos damage.

Extra-planar Limb. Melee Attack: automatic hit, reach 100 ft., 1 target. Hit: 55 (10d10) Bludgeoning damage + 48 (5d10+21) chaos damage and is restrained. This limb is considered a peripheral entity with 175 hit points, AC:10, stats of 10 with no proficiencies and identical immunities to Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh. As long as the limb is alive, it may use this action without counting towards the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's own to inflict further damage on the target. When the limb is destroyed, the target is no longer restrained.

Absorb. Melee Attack: automatic hit, reach 100 ft., can only be used on a target that is restrained by an Extra-planar Limb. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh assimilates the limb into its core, defeating the peripheral entity and removing all of the targets hit points. The removed hit points are then added to the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh.

Breath of Chaos. Ranged Magic Attack: reach 2500 ft., 30 degree cone. Hit: 260 (20d20+55) chaos damage.

Inexplicable Storm. Ranged Magic Attack: reach 700 ft., 3 second channel, 50 ft. sphere. Hit: 361 (6d100+55) chaos damage.

Chaotic Drain. Ranged Magic Attack: automatic hit, reach 500 ft., 1 target. Hit: 150 (30d8+15) chaos damage and heals the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh for half the damage rounded up.

True Corruption. Ranged Spell: reach 500 ft., instantaneous single target. Target must succeed on a DC 70 constitution save or be corrupted, becoming unconscious and fighting on behalf of the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh, refreshing the uses of their spells. Control end when the host dies or when the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh dies, is banished, or is at least 10 miles away.

Quasar Burst. Ranged Magic Attack: automatic hit, 10 minute channel, reach 10 miles, a sphere originating from the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's current position. Hit: (100d100+5000) chaos damage. After channeling for 10 minutes, the Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh lets out a bright, light speed burst of chaotic energy, vaporizing anything in its path. The burst destroys all terrain in the radius, hitting all other(if any) Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh's. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh drops down to 100 hit points and loses all immunities for 5 minutes after using this action.


Chaotic Counterstrike: Whenever a creature hits Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh with a melee attack, that creature takes 75 chaos damage and is paralyzed for 1 minute.


The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh can take 7 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Attack. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh uses one of its actions.
Move. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh moves up to half its speed.
Vitality of the Old Gods. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh replenishes 111 (2d100+10) health points.

Multiply (Costs 5 Actions). The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh makes one copy of itself 100ft away from its current space with identical stats, abilities, and health. This clone will start at the end of the current initiative order. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh that uses this or one created by this action will be unable to act for the next turn.

The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh is a being of pure chaos from another realm. It traverses dimensions looking for magic in which to feed off of. Due to it being the incarnation of universal chaos, it has many forms and may switch between them at will. Although its most common form is a black amorphous cloud of limbs and body parts, looming creating discord. A ritual exists to nullify its chaos but it difficult to preform and not fully proven to work. The Aiuevh'aioggd'acnosh is far too powerful to fight head on and too intelligent to outsmart.

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