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Wondrous Item, very rare

Please see Pregnancy for a clear understanding of these cursed items.

Afilate Bracelts is a pair of ornamental metal bracelets studded with pieces of facet-cut rubies. They will change size to always be a perfect fit for its current owner. While in their presence, a humanoid must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw of feel compelled to wear the bracelets. On a success, they are immune to the bracelets compulsive effects. 1d4 hours after being donned, you must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or the bracelets will fuse to your wrists which can only be removed with a remove curse spell. On a success, you must repeat the saving throw during your next long rest if you are still wearing them. When donned by a male, it will transform the wearer female. Over the next 1d6 hours, the user will transform into a female of their race and their equipment will also change to fit their new form. Females who don the bracelets initially seem to be unaffected. However, they may later begin to experience feelings of unease or wrongness. Males transformed into females will also feel these affects. The wearer will then begin to show signs of pregnancy (see Pregnancy variant rule.) The pregnancy will occur over a period of approximately eight weeks. The wearer will then give birth to (1d6 + 2) large metallic spherical objects and the Afilate Bracelets will unfuse from the wearer's wrists. 1d4 hours after birth, the metallic spheres will uncurl and grow in size, revealing them to be Afilates. The Afilates will then transform the Afilate Bracelets to a new owner.

The Bracelets will only affect humanoids and will not effect humanoids whose species does not have genders. Before the secound saving throw occurs, the Afilate Bracelets may be removed with a remove curse spell. Then, the bracelets cannot be removed until the birth occurs. Post birth, a male turned female may have their original form restored with a Greater restoration spell.

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