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The hourglass,by jasminedragon
Greater Deity
Symbol: The Hourglass
Home Plane: All and None, he exists in all times and everywhere at once
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Time, Space, Travel, and Existence
Clergy Alignments: Any, he does not favor any particular alignment, though most are drawn towards neutrality
Domains: Artifice, Creation, Time Warp, and Travel
Favored Weapon: Longspear and shortspear, for its shape, similar to that of the hands of a time piece

Aetas is known as the Father of Time and exists in all time and space, he can travel instantly to any plane and any location on that plane. He can manipulate time any way he sees fit, but chooses to let other determine their own fate.


Aetas encourages his followers to respect time and use it to its fullest. He discourages among his followers the abuse of time and taking advantage of the faults and mistakes that have happened due to the abuse.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy is usually seen draped in robes of white with the holy symbol of Aetas, The Hourglass, and can be seen carring a time piece with them at all times. The temples are usually kept up and clean, above all alters is a large time piece dedicated to Aetas.

by atirme

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