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Albar, Amnara, Baramor, Belmare, Calamar, Egea, Je'akka, and Scaere. The eight kingdoms of the Sovereign Order have been peaceful for hundreds of years. It won't last much longer.

The eight kingdoms in and near the continent of Aerond are more than enough for a lifetime of roleplaying, from scorching deserts to dense jungles to snowy mountains, and from dictatorships ruled by warlock emperors to kings and lords to democratic magocracies.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

The Eight Kingdoms

The largest kingdom in Aerond and an ally of Belmare
An island nation that mostly stays out of the other nations' affairs
A kingdom in the middle of a revolution
The most advanced kingdom in Aerond, and head of the Sovereign Order
A desert nation ruled by warlock emperors who have made pacts with a group of lesser deities from the Dark Lands
A small kingdom with great soil, which relies completely on farming
A jungle kingdom containing four mostly separate city-states and two Albarian provinces
A kingdom that is very rich in magic, in the far north of Aerond

Outside Aerond

The Multiverse
The multiverse

Player and DM Options

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