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Aegis Root[edit]

The Aegis Root is literally a root taken from the Aegis tree, which grows in central Ymirhart. Favored by wizards and sages, the Aegis Root is known for its ability to give visions. Resembling a short red gnarled stick in its purest form, Aegis Root can either be eaten raw or brewed into a potion. When someone eats an Aegis Root, he receives a mystic vision of things to come. The vision leaves him with a heightened sense of magical awareness, so he can boost his Intelligence or Wisdom (his choice) by one permanent point. Aegis Root is addicting, and failure to keep up the addiction can have consequences. after the third dose the consumer must make will save (DC 10+number of doses already taken) or become adicted. Symptoms start 1d6 hours after being consumed and every day after that, the consumer must take a Fortitude save (DC 15) or suffer two permanent points of Charisma damage, this can not bring your Charisma below 5. These effects stop once the root is consumed once more, or the consumer makes 3 consecutive saves. Haurin Sehitt, the Emperor of Ymirhart, is a known Aegis Root addict and has a large Aegis Den in his castle.

The market price of a raw Aegis Root is 500 GP. Potions are worth 1000 GP.

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