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Advancing Mind[edit]

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An Advancing Mind's mind progresses with the character.

Creatures with this template are dependent on their number of HD as they strongly influence their power(s).

Creating an Advancing Mind[edit]

Whether by the creation of a mad scientist, random mutation, or by some other exterior force be it divine or profane, some creatures have a much higher than normal mental capacity and the know how to use it to the utmost effectiveness. This template can be added to any creature.

Size and Type[edit]

no changes

Hit Dice[edit]

no changes


+5 feet/HD

Armor Class[edit]

Natural Armor: +1/2HD


no changes

Full Attack[edit]

no changes

Special Attacks[edit]

no changes

Special Qualities[edit]

SR 15+HD


Choose one mental ability score, you add +1/2HD, you may also add this score's modifier to your AC. The increase to AC does not stack with abilities that do the same for the ability score chosen (A class that gives Int to AC will not stack with this template if Int is chosen and will only take the highest amount. If however another ability score such as Cha is chosen for this template, the creature will gain the benefit to AC from both sources).


no changes


Bonus Feats: You may choose 1 feat/2HD




nothing special

Challenge Rating[edit]



nothing special


nothing special


By HD and character class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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