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Acidic Ring: This simple copper ring is rusted green but incredibly powerful. If the ring is foolishly put on a living subject, the wearer's blood immediately turns to acid equivalent to green slime, no save (DMG, slimes). This is incredibly painful and the character immediately takes 15d6 damage from the horrible ordeal. If this damage is 50 or more then the character must make an applicable fortitude save to avoid dying.

If you survive the ordeal. Add a +4 bonus to your Constitution Score. You are also immune to all forms of acid damage.

Eating Any food or water instantly fatigues the character you there after. Every day, you decompose but it can be prevented by ingesting metal. The character must consume 5 lbs of metal every day or take a -1 to his constitution score. Any Constitution negatives can be regained by eating an extra 5 lbs of metal during that day. You cannot exceed your base Constitution score by eating extra metal though.

When your skin is broken from a blow, your toxic blood damages anything around you. Upon taking any piercing, or slashing damage your green blood splashes out. The piercing or slashing weapon that struck you takes 2d6 acid damage, no save (ignoring hardness). All living creatures within a 5 foot radius take 1d6 constitution damage (ref 1/2). Any non organic objects within your 5 foot square also take 2d6 acid damage (ignoring hardness). Once your blood is spilled, it evaporates after one round and cannot be stored, later used, and no longer does any damage. Any metallic objects held or worn by the character for more than 2 hours are also subject to this same acidic damage each round.

For all intents and purposes you are no longer considered alive, though you still have a constitution score. Anything that undead are immune to, you are also immune to. You also cannot be healed as normal. Instead, consuming metal restores some of your hit points. Consuming 1 lb of metal restores 1d8 + (con modifier) to your hit points. Because your saliva is horribly corrosive you can consume metals very quickly. As a full round action you can consume 1 lb of metal (subject to Attacks of Opportunity). Unlike undead, you are not subject to healing from inflict wounds or harm spells. You cannot die from old age, but die if your constitution score reaches 9. You die as normal from HP damage, though normal heal checks cannot stabilize you. Other characters can put metal in your mouth to heal or stabilize you as a full round action.

Remove curse and other spells from casters above 15th level can return the victim's blood back to normal. Converting one's blood back to normal does another 15d6 damage to the subject though.

Strong necromancy;CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, slime wave[1]; Cost 500XP. 30,000 GP base price in materials.; Market Price: 60,000 GP

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