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Aberrant Clone[edit]

This disease can spread to anyone exposed to infected water in areas prone to Aberrant activity, such as the dens of Illithids or Aboleths. Anyone exposed must make a constitution save with a DC of 13 or be infected. The next time the afflicted takes a long rest, the disease will manifest by coating them in a fleshy cocoon. This cocoon is an extension of the afflicted's body and cannot be damaged without harming the victim; a Wisdom (Medicine) check with a DC of 15, alongside proper tools and anesthetics, is necessary to surgically remove the cocoon.

Should the cocoon not be removed, it will begin to split after an hour (at this point, removal is impossible as the afflicted will be partially split), fully doing so after another hour, creating two identical cocoons. Each cocoon will hatch into an identical copy of the afflicted, and will have the equipment of the original spread evenly between them, and the disease will pass. However, only one copy is the original, and the other is a duplicate with a Chaotic Evil alignment, no emotional attachments, and a strong desire to kill the original. Besides their behavior, the only other difference is the duplicate will be considered an aberration by spells and effects.

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