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Truespeak Spells[edit]

These spells were originally designed for use with an older version of the truenamer class.

0-Level Spells[edit]


1st-Level Spells[edit]

  • Defensive Edge
  • Keen Weapon You command the Universe to make a weapon more effective at finding the weakness in defense, or less effective at hitting the target.
  • Knight's Puissance Your word grants the target increased vigor, or saps their strength away.
  • Word of Nurturing You mend the damage the target has suffered or inflict true damage upon the target.

2nd-Level Spells[edit]


3rd-Level Spells[edit]

  • Agitate Metal You speak an Utterance that causes the metal in an area to glow with fiery rage, or in reverse, chill to a deathly cold.
  • Energy Resistance You speak an Utterance that causes the element of your choosing to bend to your will.
  • Spurn the Supernatural You speak an Utterance that twists the reality within an object or on person such that magic is brought to an unusable state.

4th-Level Spells[edit]


5th-Level Spells[edit]


6th-Level Spells[edit]


Incomplete Spells[edit]

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