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Most equipment that is to be found within the frozen tundras of The Painted World hold some kind of magical enchantment, whether it be minor or critical to what makes the particular item special when compared to the rest of the equipment. That is not to say that The Painted World doesn't house a few mundane items, however.

Not only are there weapons and armor sets that have been brought into The Painted World via their forlorn wielders or wearers, but a limited amount of small tomes or scrolls contain the teachings for spells that have been lost to the outside world.


  • Follower Javelin (5e Equipment). An average javelin that allows its attuned wielder to throw an illusory form of it that holds a temporary physical form.
  • Millwood Greatbow (5e Equipment). An oversized bow that can launch arrows imbued with a powerful prayer that explode upon impact.
  • Millwood Knight Battle Axe (5e Equipment). A battle axe that imbues the attuned wielder with a sense of courage and strength that can send enemies into a state of fear.
  • Ethereal Oak Shield (5e Equipment). An average, dark-colored shield engraved with a faded carving of the Ethereal Oak.
  • Crow Quills (5e Equipment). An enchanted rapier that magically grants its wielder the ability to wield it alongside four thin-edge blades, which have physical illusions of themselves be thrown.
  • Crow Talons (5e Equipment). A paired set of claw-like weapons that can be launched into a flurry of slashing attacks, causing severe bleeding to the target, if successful.
  • Onyx Blade (5e Equipment). A deep-black great sword that can be wreathed in a black flame.
  • Earthseeker (5e Equipment). A bronze twin-bladed battleaxe that can be slammed into the ground where, upon uttering a prayer, can make the earth around it erupt with ungodly force.
  • Quakestone Hammer (5e Equipment). A thick staff with a thick stone where the mace head should be that imbues its attuned wielder with the ability to slam the hammer into the ground, before unwrenching it with an eruption of earth.
  • Pyromancer's Parting Flame (5e Equipment). A pyromancer's flame that has been corrupted, allowing its wielder to regain a small portion of health, at the expense of others' souls.
  • Friede's Great Scythe (5e Equipment). A large scythe that deals cold damage, and can summon another scythe blade on the end of it.
  • Rose of Ariandel (5e Equipment). A bloody, ancient looking flail that acts both as a weapon and a holy symbol, for those deranged enough to attune to it.
  • Follower Sabre (5e Equipment). A swift shortsword that can be used to quickly dismantle a target's guard, and attempt to lay another hit upon the target, at the expense of a magical charge.
  • Valorheart (5e Equipment). A sword and shield combination that is inseparable. Allows the wielder to enter a fierce combat stance.
  • Follower Torch (5e Equipment). A torch that imbues its attuned wielder with the ability to shoot a flammable substance through its fire, alighting enemies around it in flames.

Armor Sets[edit]

  • Follower Set (5e Equipment). Scale armor layered with furs. Currently donned by all of the wandering Farron Followers hunting throughout The Painted World.
  • Millwood Set (5e Equipment). Plate armor worn alongside a helm crafted from a Spirit Tree. Currently donned by all of the wandering Millwood Knighs slugging about in The Painted World.
  • Slave Knight Set (5e Equipment). Finely crafted crimson armor made as a symbol of honor for slave knights. Currently donned by the Slave Knight Gael.
  • Vilhelm's Set (5e Equipment). Deep-black armor with a helmet that ends in a pointed tip, and a short, black cape. Currently donned by Vilhelm, Knight of Londor, but a nice fit for any lean Hollow.
  • Ordained Set (5e Equipment). A hooded, light blue dress adorned with fancy lace at the edges that covers most of the face and body. Currently, the garb of Elfriede.

Spell Tomes/Scrolls[edit]

  • Frozen Weapon (5e Spell) A spell left behind by Pontiff Sulyvahn when he once lived here. Imbues the right hand weapon with a freezing cold.
  • The Way of the White Corona (5e Spell). A lost miracle for clerics or paladins of The Way of White. Conjures a disk of holy, white energy that, when thrown, returns to the conjurer.
  • Floating Chaos (5e Spell). A pyromancy once employed by clerics of the Smouldering Lake. Summons a fire-spitting chaos orb.
  • Snap Freeze (5e Spell). A spell left behind by Pontiff Sulyvahn when he once lived here. Releases a clod of near-freezing mist.

Miscellaneous Items[edit]

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