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The Classes of Z'arjimosa Treskri[edit]

The following are the primary classes of Z'arjimosa Treskri and how they interact with the creatures of the world, primarily dragons.


The barbarians of Z'arjimosa Treskri are actually the most common type of people. Most cities have been destroyed by the dragons, so "civilized life" is now the towns and tribes that struggle to avoid angering any of the usually 2 or 3 nearby dragons, usually by pacifying them somehow. Many humans despise that, thus most humans that are barbarians are heavily against dragons.


Surprisingly, bards become very popular. With most of humankind being a cheerless, hopeless wreck, the bards have helped inspire new cheer and hope. Almost every town and tribe has a bard now, both to keep up the cheer of the people and sometimes to help pacify the dragons. Naturally, barbarians tend to dislike bards. Dragons do too, when the bards try to be silver-tongued.


Religions are in tatters. The primary religion is that of the dragons themselves, which generally tend to focus around Bahamut and Tiamat. A few people still believe in other religions, but only the most devout believe that their gods will still protect them, the rest living in constant fear of that a dragon will destroy them for it.

Dragon Rider[edit]

(Note. This class is from the wiki. It can be rather taxing to play (see the class page), especially for the DM, so ensure they are fulling ready for it and fully agree to having one in the game.)

Dragon riders are something of an outcast. They are despised by most people for siding with the dragons, yet they and the dragons they often call family are often times the enemies of all but the most learned dragons. Thus they live life in constant exile, roaming and trusted by none. They are few and rare as a result.


Some people have lived with nature all their lives. Some of these are druids. Druids are a rather mixed group, with some opposing dragon's for disrupting the way of the world, others having no such enmity and their destruction being nature's way. The latter are not often trusted and the former are mistrusted, as very few druids actually intervene when the dragon's attacked. They tend to be mocked by dragons.


Fighters are trained warriors, often acting as guards in towns to protect against dragons. Most fighters, being trained to slay dragons, oppose dragons. However, there are a few fighter who serve as the henchmen of dragons. And they are generally despised and hated by everyone who knows of their existence.


Some monks are neither against or with dragons, as long as their monasteries are left alone. A few monasteries where attacked and do still oppose the dragons. Monks are often bad-mouthed by the common people as they do little to affect the dragons and tend to keep to their monasteries.


Most paladins are now called dragonslayers as the stronger ones tend to lead crusades against dragons and are the most trusted source for dealing with dragons. They do so for their gods, thus most having some association with the only sources of old religions, the clerics and priests. A few paladins believe in the dragons' gods, but they are often, falsely, called blackguards.


Rangers are warriors who roam the wilderness. Much like druids, they have an application for nature and share similar views as the druids. However, more rangers oppose dragons than druids as rangers are often concerned with humans as much as nature. If anything, rangers are more of a thorn in the side for dragons than the paladins. Mostly because they don't charge in screaming battle cries or oaths to gods.


Save for a massive drop in numbers, rogues weren't greatly affected by the dragon's destruction. In fact, many people hire skilled thieves or assassins to steal from or kill dragons. However, they also are very much active on other people as well. Thus, like monks, rogue are often without a side when it comes to dragons. In fact, some rogues, thieves especially, are know to supposedly have been hired by dragons...


The dragons inadvertently obliterated many experienced sorcerers, leaving wild mages with little control over their powers. However dragon-blooded sorcerers are even more unpredictable. Some hate dragons and are their sworn enemies, others could care less. However, there are some who have sided with the dragons to gain more power.


Not surprisingly, warlock were not affected by the dragons (save for those who died) and have little enmity for dragons. In fact, some have attempted to see if dragons are capable of granting them power. So far, none have succeeded. But it hasn't stopped them from trying. And getting on a dragon's nerves.


Wizards are mainly neutral towards dragons, but some are opposed against them when their attacks destroyed priceless knowledge. Amongst this knowledge were particularly powerful spells, though rumors claim they still exist. Somewhere.

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