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Level 11. 5 levels in ranger, 6 in cleric.

Do you like playing an archer/sniper? Do you like doing tons of damage without spells? Do you like hitting almost every time? Then this build is for you!


results for this build at lvl 11 on 1st attack +13 to hit 1d10+1d8+1d6 +14 2nd attack +13 1d10+1d6+14 3rd attack is +2 to hit and the same dmg as 2nd if you hit on all 3 total dmg is 3d10+1d8+3d6+41 dmg.

The average dmg from all that is 75 with 3 arrows at lvl 11.

(my math might be a little off)


Stats: use the 15,14,13,12,10,8 stats (just for simplicity) and assign them as such: 15 to Dex 14 to Con 13 to Wis and the other ones don't matter.

take human variant give the two +1s to Dex and Wis and get the sharp shooter feat 

Levels: First, you want to take 5 lvls in ranger. Level 2 take the archery fighting style, as well as hunter's mark and any other 2 spells. Level 3 take the hunter archetype and get colossus slayer. Level 4 instead of an ability score increase get the crossbow expert feat.

Then go 6 levels in Cleric Level 1 get war domain (spells don't matter take whatever) Level 4 get the +2 to Dex

Then go fighter or rogue for more crits(champ)/utility(battle master) or more dmg dice from sneak attack/stealth (I think fighter is better because of the extra extra attacks)

Equipment: Buy a heavy crossbow


Turn 1 Hunter's mark your target then attack them 2 times without sharp shooter. You'll probably hit one, and if you don't one of your teammates will.

Turn 2

On your first attack use your channel divinity to get +10 to the attack roll which is now +18
then use sharpshooter for the-5 attack roll/ +10 dmg now it's +12 ( a pretty much guaranteed hit)

Then for dmg you get the hunter's mark dmg (1d6)

the colossus slayer dmg (1d8)
the heavy crossbow dmg (1d10)
the sharpshooter dmg (10) and your dex mod (4)
Then because you're ranger 5, you get two attacks and crossbow expert ignores the reloading property of the crossbow so you can attack multiple times with the heavy crossbow.

The hunter's mark and the sharpshooter both say nothing about using them multiple times (colossus slayer does say only once per turn)

So on your 2nd attack, use your last CD to get +12 to hit

and deal crossbow +hunters mark +sharp shooter +dex.

Now because you are a war cleric you get the war priest ability, so you can use that to attack again as a bonus action.

So you get +2 to attack roll and do crossbow +hunters mark +sharpshooter +dex

(this is my 1st post on the d&d wiki if you have any advice pls edit and tell me) 

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