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Name Race Levels Description
Axeen Illiford Human Monk 10 Living Weapon 10
Barvan Bane half-celestial jungle elf Bard 14 Half-Celestial Elven Bard.
Count Duncan Von Trisk human Sorcerer 7, Master Vampire 3 Vampire Lord.
Danielle Umbra Human Warlock 18 Victor the Black's third-in-command.
Darnoth Minotaur Ftr 14 This character was originally thought up for Steel's 20th level campaign (LA was free up to +3).
Deborah Solitude elf bard 18 Elven Bard.
Douie Solitude elf bard 18 Elven Bard.
Drek elf Wizard 8/Pale Master 10 Sir Drake. Spam Undead Minions, with backup drain touch attacks.
Fulminata Century
Genivious red dragon racial Red Dragon King.
Grymm and Lochh Green dragon None Mean-spirited dragon twins who have been forced into servitude by Aleister.
Namfoodle gnome wild mage 16 Gnome practitioner of the Broken Weave.
Sphinggo the Gatekeeper Minotaur Minotaur 6/Barbarian 4/Raging Crasher 8/LA 2 A cruel minotaur who guards a travel pass, those who do not please his cruel humor are pushed into the deep ravine.
Trip D Atlantean monk 2, barbarian 3, fist of the forest 2, warblade 1, berserker 10, fighter 2 Elven Bard.
Uron Delpear black dragon racial Black Dragon King.
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