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Name Race Levels Description
Bellerophon Human Paladin 15 Bellerophon is the hero that killed the Chimera God.
Calyn Carduk Human Bard 15 Founder of Lucan's Bardic College.
Dale Beltre Human 1 Fighter, 4 Sorcerer, 10 Illusionary Weapons Master One of the first students of the Illusionary Weapons Master Merek Ill'sa
Dusk Human Rogue
Elizibeth Greenwell Human Death Cleric 15 The evil cleric that uses death as an ally.
Gagan Races of War Aasimar True Fiend 2/Conduit of the Lower Planes ? A lord of the Realms Infernal, Gagan is a storm of fire contained in a physical shell.
King Marak human aristocrat 16 Ruler of Anselm.
King Wolf of Ivar Human Paladin 8 King of Benneth, one of three kingdoms in the Coast of Arra.
Lord Valormark human Paladin 5, Soldier of Light 10 Human Soldier of Light.
Mad Blazer Joral McGee Gnome Wizard 14 Little Man Loved Fire!
Miluda Quivira Elan Marksman 15 A desert bandit who is keen with the gun, she vanishes into the sand seeking her prey.
Mr. Watchtower Elf Arcane Archer 10/Ranger 5 The unseen gaurdian of Elizibeth Greenwell
Nerukath Lich Wizard 13 A powerful lich who has devoted his entire existence to the concept of torture.
Reinforce human entropy champion 15 A powerful being whose sole purpose is undoing the works of others.
Ssazter drider lizardfolk druid 6/blighterCD 6 Ex-druid corrupted by dark magic.
The Greeter Warforged Druid 15 An urban druid in the city of Synergy, he has been tasked with greeting the city's unfortunate new arrivals. Whenever not performing this task he sits in quiet meditation, contemplating ancient relics within the city walls.
Ysabella Vampire Fighter 6 and blackguard 7 The warlike, quick-to-anger tyrant wife of Nerukath.
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