25mm 'Joshua' Hand Cannon (5e Equipment)

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Hellsing ARMS 25mm 'Joshua' Hand Cannon

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Hellsing ARMS 25mm 'Joshua' Hand Cannon Legendary 8d10 piercing 35 lb. Ammunition (range 80/240), reload (3 shots), armor piercing (-5), heavy, stabilizing

The magnum opus of vampire-hunting handguns, the Joshua was developed to fire specially-crafted 25mm (roughly 1.00 caliber) handgun rounds. Each of its three rectangular barrels, which naturally sit in an inverted Y-shape, granting it the occasional nickname "the Peace Gun", must be manually loaded and ejected individually, and are held in position by electromagnets. With each pull of the trigger, these barrels rotate around a single axis multiple times, with the orientation of the magnets reorienting vents at the back of each barrel to ensure its gasses alone don't destroy the weapon, as well as to apply an inverse force to its kick. The firing barrel sits directly in front of the trigger in order to cause similar feedback patterns to firing a normal pistol.

Lesser wielders are often outfitted with rudimentary exoskeletons to redistribute force and reduce injury, but even so, sustained fire can only be preformed by wielders beyond human ability. While 25mm rounds do technically exist in the real world, they are almost exclusively used in artillery.

The Joshua's name is two-fold, emphasizing the nature of evil destroying evil. Firstly, it takes inspiration from the biblical successor to Moses, who headed the Israelite's invasion of Canaan. Its second inspiration is Mr. Joshua, the ex-Vietnam War veteran turned drug dealing mercenary from "Lethal Weapon". Elegantly engraved into the right side of each barrel is a single quotation: "I did not come to bring peace, but the sword".

Design Note: This is intended to be used alongside Tiered Weapon Weight.

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