25 AC Unarmored Wizard (5e Optimized Character Build)

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Level 2 wizard with one point in cleric and one point in Wizard. Standard point buy with 15 in INT and 14 in DEX. Variant human increases INT to 16 and DEX to 15. Take the "Resilient" feat for +1 to DEX for 16 DEX. Then cast mage armor for 13+3(DEX mod) AC. Equip a shield for +2 AC. Cast Shield of Faith for +2 AC. 13+3+2+2=20AC level 2 plus casting the “Shield” spell as a reaction against crits brings it to 25AC with proficiency in Dex, Cha, and Wis saving throws.

But wait, there's more: Hit level 3 and take the School of Abjuration giving you a warding shield that takes hit points equal to twice your wizard level + your Intelligence modifier (7). Mage Armor, Shield of faith, and shield are all abjuration spells allowing you to regain twice their level in hp when cast.

Take lucky feat lvl 4 and an additional 3 attacks per day don't hit you after your spell slots and barrier finally wear out.

A decent strategy is just using the dodge action on your turn. Although you don't do anything, the enemies around you won't be doing anything either by missing their attacks, and your party can knock down their health from afar. War-caster is another great feat as it allows you to attack enemies running away from you with a spell.

I call him antonio fernando carriedo Villanueva Cortés or "Antonio the untouchable"

I made this character to fit into pretty much any D&D campaign so he could be improved with further leveling but my goal was to get him OP as early as possible (in this case level 3)


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