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Zora Mask
Price: 50,000 GP
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level: 8th
Aura: Moderate Transmutation
Weight: N/A

A Zora Mask is a highly potent creation, forged primarily in Termina and thus very difficult to obtain, hence the price. Once donned, it turns the wearer into a Zora. During the time of use, the player is treated as having the Zora race; however, they only gain the swim speed of 55ft, the +1 natural armour and the traits Amphibious, Electric Current and Cold Vulnerability. Any items equipped at the time of wearing the mask do NOT merge with the body and remain usable. Removing the mask requires a Will save if the Int and Wis of the character are both less than 10; if this is so, the DC is 10. If the mask is worn for a full day, the remaining racial traits are also granted. Wearing the mask for a full week might turn the user into a Zora permanently; a Fortitude DC of 14 prevents this, but it is possible to not attempt a resistance. This is increased by one for each day of continued wearing, up to a maximum of 25. This counter is reset when the mask is removed. If the save is failed or not resisted, the character's race becomes Zora; any racial traits the previous race had are lost. Bonus feats (for a human) are not lost. The items the character were holding at the time of wearing the mask are not lost; instead, they are relocated to the character's inventory, if there is sufficient room. Once transformed into a Zora permanently, the mask is lost with a 75% chance, and added to the inventory if preserved. The character's class/es are preserved, as are anything related to the class/es. Putting the mask on is counted as a standard action, removing it a free action. If the race has not changed, the mask is negated by any antimagic fields. Zoras cannot use this item.

Role Play Ideas

The first Zora mask is supposed to have been forged from a dying Zora's soul. It may be possible that the mask you bought might be THE mask... Alternatively, if you aim to wear the mask to permanently transform into a Zora, as the time passes your character might develop certain Zora quirks, such as a desire to eat fish or an increasing personal affiliation to water. This may be loved or loathed by both the character and his/her/its peers.

Crafting Information

  • Crafting Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, a Zora scale (10gp), character must have 5 ranks in the Swim skill
  • Cost to Create: 25,000GP, 2,000XP

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