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Hit Dice: ( hp)
Armor Class: , touch , flat-footed
Base Attack/Grapple: /
Full Attack:
Space/Reach: /
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities:
Saves: Fort , Ref , Will
Abilities: Str —, Dex —, Con —, Int —, Wis —, Cha
Challenge Rating:
Level Adjustment:
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Zetsumei in Settings[edit]

The Zetsumei is a very scary creature owned by being. We experienced a man opening a portal into another world. The portal shined light that was blinding. Suddenly the portal expanded into the size of a small mountain and there appeared the eye of the Zetsumei which was the same size as the portal. We saw it look at the poor man, charring him where he stood. Many of our enemies ended up rushing in. We saw them dying by being charred to ashes where they stood as they entered. Eventually the Zetsumei left the portal and the man shut it. That was our first encounter with the mighty Zetsumei.

We continued for a short period until we learned of a man who could possibly save our town from an invading army. It happened that this man traveled and disappeared through other realms. After we talked things over we guessed that this man could possibly be in that world where we ran into the Zetsumei because this man disappeared a few years ago. Since this was our only chance to survive we confronted the man who opened the portal previously, who we captured after seeing him work the portal. We made a deal that we would set him free and not hunt him down opened the portal. He agreed and opened the portal. We entered before the Zetsumei eye appeared. That is when we saw a world just like our own but without buildings or trees. This world was full of corpses and ruins. That is when we saw the Zetsumei's true form. The only way to describe this is a beholder dragon. With fear running down our spines we looked for the man. We had only two hours left before the invasion of the town, we searched for the man. An hour passed. That is when we run into the first living humanoid we saw. This man called himself The Boundless. We told him about the man we were searching for and he admitted it was himself. We told him about the town's invasion and The Boundless asked us what we thought about this world we were in. After getting mad about him changing the subject he said something that would change our lives forever. The man told us that he made his dimension to look like our planet, however in the future, for us. After freaking out and questioning him The Boundless suddenly snapped his fingers and the dimension looked like a peaceful forest. He said this was the true appearance of his dimension. We were shocked at what we saw. This man was changing reality itself. The Boundless told us he would make sure our planet will not turn into what he showed us if we had an item of true sight and sent us back to our realm.

We returned to the town to defeat the invading army. When The Boundless explained that the Zetsumei were his illusions and their true identity were just stars. After such an event we decided to write this manuscript, describing the Boundless and the Zetsumei illusions in more depth.

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