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Symbol: Scale Of Bone
Home Plane: The Spirit World
Alignment: Any
Portfolio: The prosses of equivelent exchange
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Trade, Exchange, Deals
Favored Weapon: Any blunt weapon.
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(Until a picture is provided use this desription the picture will be up and done soon) Zetsubokaten can appear in any size but always appears as a large winged creature, from first sight be sees to have an exoskeleton like body. He looks of a crature make totally of bone.


Althought the followers of Zetsubokaten can be Evil or Good, reguardless of afiliation they are encouraged to be fair when tradeing or makeing deals.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The followers of Zetsubokaten are few, but those who know of him are generally those of Magical Knowledge. The temples are know mainly to the magical comunity, how ever there are a few "trick" temples that can only be found by the true followers due to the fact that these temples descise themselves as "other" temples.

Human God Relation[edit]

Zetsubokaten is know it interact with humans on a close level. If you pray to him for a blessing, he will grant it. However there will be and equal and opposite repercussions.


Zetsubokaten has been and can be summoned. Much like how he will grant you blessings if summoned he can and will carry out any task you wish, however just like with blessings there will be repercussions of equal value to the task he performed. To summon Zetsubokaten you must have a great amount of magical power, he is usually summoned by a large group of magic users. Aside from the need of a large group of magic users you must also obtain of write a scroll of summoning. These scrolls are not hard to obtain but not easy, and once you find one the prices are normally low because although an invaluseable Item it is considered useless with out the required magic. As to writeing this scroll only a priest of Zetsubokaten can write one due to the fact that they are the only one's of enough knowledge to know what to write.

The Ritual[edit]

The requirements for the ritual for summoning Zetsubokaten are as follows: 1.A Scroll of summoning 2.A large group of magic users or a large amount of magical energy 3.A large cricle drawn on the ground (circle must be a least 100ft in radius however the circle will ajust in size to whatever Zetsubokaten requires)

The ritual goes as follows: 1.Draw the circle (here by refured to as the "summoning circle"). 2.Place the scroll in the middle of the circle. 3.Position all the magic users around the circle evenly spread apart. (Note: If only one Magic user is present then they can just stand next to the circle). 4.Get all the magic users to resonate thier magic. 5.The Cirle lines will then glow a mix of black and purple. 6.Then the one makeing the request must speak the words "Head my call Zetsubokaten, hear my task and fufill my wish". 7.The area of the circle will become a portal and Zetsubokaten will be seen on the other side faceing the request maker and he will say "What is thine wish mortal?" 8.The request maker will then state his request as clearly and exactly as possable. 9.Zetsubokaten will then say "Are you prepared to except the repercussions?" 10.The request maker will then conferm thier request. 11.After the request is made Zetsubokaten will exit the gate into the "Existing Plane" (a.k.a real world). 12.Once Zetsubokaten is completed your request he will then start to carry out the requests repercussion. 13.After he has completed the repercussion he will then return to the summoning ground and return to the "Spirit World" throught the portal.

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