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Greater Deity
Symbol: Scepter
Home Plane: Zen
Alignment: Any Evil
Portfolio: Time, Darkness
Clergy Alignments: Any alignment
Domains: Darkness, Longevity, Time, Infinity, Patience, Death, Beauty, Evil
Favored Weapon: Scepter of Time

The goddess of time is a generous lady who will share with followers if they sacrifice for her. She will take followers in if they need to be healed. She justs want to get her way.


Zendra encourages her followers to make something of themselves and be useful in life. She knows that her followers aren't all perfect and takes care of all of them equally. She wants her followers to do what they want and enjoy life, but if they want her protection they will have to sacrifice a little. However, she does not appriciate followers fighting amongst each other and will not tolerate it.

Goddess powers[edit]

She gives her followers the power of 18 charisma and her followers can live 100 years longer than their average lifespan.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Zendra's religion is simple: Live life to the fullest. She despises the "Good" in the world and does not like people who are any good alignment. Her temples are always well lit, with some darkness. Her temples are usually found near lakes and streams. She just wants a slight donation of sacrifice every few months. It can be anything from: gold, treasure, magic, wine, blood, or taking the life or soul from someone.


She wants her followers to get along with each other. She Accepts all Humanoid Beings, and dislikes the like of Devil's, Celestial Beings, Orc's, and Troll's.


  • She is a beautiful women with purple colored hair. She is elven and tall. She wears a robe whenever not in realm. Otherwise she wears noble clothes.

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