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An old ritual that is forbidden to perform and to speak of. Banned by the Ancients. Only used by Heku of a very vile nature.

Things needed in order to begin Ritual[edit]

  1. Victim (Mortal).
  2. 3 good friends of the Victim.
  3. Bowl for holding blood.
  4. Restraints.
  5. Ceremonial Room.
  6. 13 Heku in the room when the Turning Ritual is about to begin.

Steps in order to perform Ritual[edit]

1st step[edit]

Starvation of victim for 7 days, with no food and no water. Victim must be bounded to the floor in a Y shape. 

2nd step[edit]

On the 8th day, the Victim will be told their greatest fears, in order to frighten them.

3rd step[edit]

On the 9th day, blood from 3 of Victim's good friends must flow into a bowl, and Victim must be forced to drink it. 

4th step[edit]

On the 10th day, pain must be inflicted to the Victim for 12 hours nonstop, in any means nesessary.

5th step[edit]

On the 11th day, the Turning Ritual must be performed, while the Victim is restrained. 

6th step[edit]

On the 12th and final day, the victim will kill their 3 closest friends. And then the ritual will be complete. There is no way to stop the victim from destroying everything it touches, once the victim becomes a Yisolatara. That means the victim could kill the Heku that turned them into this horrible monster. If the Ritual fails to work, (5% chance), then the victim is still a mortal and not a Yisolatara. They will however, become insane.

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