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This is what happens when Binge from VHD:Bloodlust meets the D&D Shadow Dancer. Hope you play this race <3.


Sometimes called shades, they are the creatures of the night. Living in the shadows, they can strike, then disappear without ever even being seen. Though they look humanoid in shape, their alienism is very apparent. They have large muscular arms, and a broad V shaped torso, with big shoulders, and usually very muscularly defined pectorals and abdominal. They also have big thick long legs, which makes them quite fast. Their hair looks like transparent blue/black flames, continuously burning on their heads, their eyes are a Nike sign, with a slash through it down the middle, and are colored white. Their mouths appear to be stitched closed, with x shaped stitches along the opening of the mouth. Females tend to have small breasts, with a slightly less muscular build, and thinner legs. Though they are still quite strong, and fast. Their flesh is pitch black, the darkest of night. Strong sunlight deters their movements and everything, their eyes aren't as accustomed to bright light as a human or elf or Orc's. They function better in the darkness, but are still lethal in daylight, unless there aren't any shadows around.


The Xin'Douti are almost never seen, and thus no one knows what they are like, though if you ever meet one, it's probably going to kill you. They are not the nicest creatures around, but they also don't kill just for the hell of it, they are sent of mission by their leaders, and they think of themselves as the judges of other beings, slaying those they view as wrong.


They are neutral, straight and true. Hardly evil, or good, they simply exist to judge and execute those they view as wrong, or evil, and they tend not to appear to those they deem as good, never blessing, only purging the world of what they view as evil. So in other words, Lawful Neutral.

Xin'Douti Lands:[edit]

Are never seen by anyone from the material plane. Existing in the shadows, they build extensively elaborate castles, like the ones of middle ages, and live in a similar style. Their government in monarchy, and they have classes such as Peasant, Assassin (Knight), King, Duke, and all of the like. Those who have seen a Xin'Douti see only the Knights, or rather, the puppets of their Judicatory.


They worship no one, for they are their own gods, relying on their own neutral judgement to carry out order in the universe.


The Xin'Douti name their children slimy, gross, shadowy names, much like the race themselves. While they mean nothing, a name is the only way to distinguish them from another, because they tend to look alike as far as looks go. Females looks nearly like males, and thus names are used for telling one another apart.

Male Names:[edit]

Xlith, Del'tathei, Grishna, Ulkglar, Drax, Daggethora, Nea'shra.

Female Names:[edit]

Xaethia, Delatia, Gashra, Ulivine, Debeth, Dae'staoria, Na'shaline.

Reason for Adventuring:[edit]

The Xin'Douti go on adventures mainly to complete their objectives of judgement. Though some of them go from the fray and try to amass wealth or power for themselves, sometimes setting up thieves guilds that they periodically visit, or something along those lines. Or the occasional good one may join a monk's monastery to provide their stealth skills for combating chaotic or evil creatures. Some have a hatred for undead, and seek to destroy that which they deem a sin against life. There are many reasons one may be a Xin'Douti to go adventuring.

Xin'Douti Racial Traits:[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Dex, -4 Cha, -4 Wis: They are trained to strike quickly, silently, swiftly, and precisely, jumping from shadow world and back in a split second, without ever being noticed. But they are rarely seen by daylight races, and are hardly sociable creatures, with a semi-frightening appearance. The Xin'Douti are also trained in being quick, and precise, so they have incredible speed, or at least greater than a normal humans.
  • Darkvision 80 ft: They live in the shadows, and thus have developed an advanced sense of sight in the darkest of blackness.

Immune to all darkness spell and effects, having no limited vision in any sort of darkness, though still affected by mind affecting spells.

Racial Abilities:[edit]

  • Outsider
  • Base Land Speed: 30ft
  • Size: Medium
  • Shadow Strike (EX): If the Xin'Douti is in a persons shadow, you can make a Death Attack, to kill the foe. But the foe receives a Reflex Save, DC 15+Xin'Douti Dex mod+Xin'Douti Character (ECL) Level (So level 6 with Dex of 18 would mean DC of 15+4+6 = 25), but the target receives a +2 on the Reflex check if target is warned before the blow can be dealt.
  • Shadow Walk (EX): The Xin'Douti are able to meld into shadows and become a part of it, that means they can live in your shadow and you would never know it. They are able to move in shadows as normally as a silver dragon walks on cloud, or you walking on the ground, or a fish swimming. Spot checks made against a Xin'Douti in a shadow would be DC 15+The Creatures ECL. The older Xin'Douti are far more stealthy and adept at stalking in the darkness.
  • Shadow Jump (SU): A Xin'Douti has the ability to travel by shadows, as if by casting the Dimension Door spell. The limitation is that the magical transport must begin and end in an area with at least two shadows. They may use this ability 3 times a day per/level (For instance if level 6, you could do it three times a day x 6 so 18 shadow jumps.) They have no limit on the distance between shadows.
  • Hide In Plain Sight (SU): A Xin'Douti can use the hide skill even while being observed. As long as it is within' 30 feet of a sort of shadow, a Xin'Douti can hide herself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind, or in. They cannot, however, hide in their own shadows. The DC to spot a Xin'Douti hiding in a shadow would be 25 plus any other circumstances which might prevent seeing clearly, such a low light, etc.

Racial Weaknesses[edit]

  • Strong Light Weakness: If in the direct light of any strong, powerful source of light for longer than 1 hour, the Xin'Douti must return to the shadows, or suffer a -5 penalty on all checks and rolls.
  • Light sensitivity: -1 Circumstance penalty on all attacks rolls, skill checks, and saves while in bright light, or direct sunlight. The penalty increased by -1 every hour the Xin'Douti is in Direct Sunlight without retreating to a shadow. The maximum penalty is -10, after 10 hours the Xin'Douti takes nonlethal damage until knocked out, unless of course it retreats into a shadow. It takes 30 minutes in a shadow to remove a -1.

  • Languages: Common, Celestial.
  • Bonus Languages: Any. (Except secret ones such as Druidic, etc...)
  • Favored Class: Rogue
  • LA:+2

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