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Your character is extremely talented in one area and has focused on that area his entire life. However, he is all but oblivious to other things.
Benefit: Your character gains a +4 bonus to any ability. He also gains a +2 bonus to any skill checks involving this ability.
Drawback: -2 to all skill checks not involving the chosen ability, -4 to another ability, and you are limited in your selection of classes. If your chosen ability is:
  • Strength: you can take paladin, fighter, barbarian, ranger (combat focused), or similar classes.*
  • Dexterity: you can take ranger (archery focused), rogue, or similar classes.*
  • Constitution: you can take fighter, paladin, barbarian, or similar classes.*
  • Intelligence: you can take wizard, rogue, or similar classes.*
  • Wisdom: you can take druid, cleric, or similar classes.*
  • Charisma: you can take bard, sorcerer, or similar classes.*
*Note: Similar classes means classes that use the chosen ability as a main focus of the class.
Special: You must have been training with this ability from a young age. For example, a wunderchild who chooses strength as their chosen ability must have been put in danger many times and encountered and accomplished many feats of strength.

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