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Writhing Teeth [Racial][edit]

Your crown of snakes is more potent than normal...
Prerequisite: Medusa (race)
Benefit: Snake attack deal 1d6 damage at 1 HD, 2d6 at 3 HD, and an additional d6 every third hit dice gained. The poison deals (1d4 str, 2d4 str) at 1 HD, (1d6 str, 2d6 str) at 4 HD, and (2d6 str, 4d6 str) 8HD, and an additional (d6 str, 2d6 str) every fourth Hit dice gained. Poison DC (Fort DC 10 + 1/2 medusa’s HD from class levels + medusa’s Con modifier).
Normal: There is no Snake attack, and no poison unless you have levels in Medusa. Snakes deal 1d4 damage at first medusa level and on. The poison deals (1 str, 2 str) at first medusa level, (1d4 str, 2d4 str) at fourth medusa level, and (1d6 str, 2d6 str) at ninth medusa level (Fort DC 10 + 1/2 medusa’s HD from class levels + medusa’s Con modifier).
Special: a medusa with this feat gets +5 to intimidate if the snakes are showing. However it gives -3 to disguise checks even if snakes are covered, and -2 to diplomacy checks when snakes are showing.

Notes: This feat references the D&D supplement Savage Species in regards to medusa as a playable race, and a playable class.

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