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Wrath of the Gods[edit]


The timeline uses Before Parthus (BP) to track dates before Parthus came to Midgarde. They use After Parthus (AP) for the years after Parthus came to Midgarde. There are ten months in a Midden year, Mathon, Heithon, Maline, Sathon, Reithon, Laethon, Rumine, Insan, Tuthon and Istine.

  • 4000 BP - Earliest records of Humans on Midgarde. Dwarves emerge from the mountains now known as Erebus. Elves and Orcs emerge from Arithian Forest. A tribe of people move into the south led by a shaman known as Arokis, heading for the jungles of Nu'an.
  • 3775 BP - Pelenos is founded, according to legend, by an avatar of Parthus; Ecthon. The first arcane spells are toyed with by a tribe known as the Valmirie.
  • 3768 BP - Arokis and his tribe reach Nu'an. The god Astar reveals himself to them and tells them to build a city and he will shield them from the dangers that roam the forest. Pelenos becomes a full city, built beside the Sea of Olin. The Elves begin building a great tower to reach the sky and under it the city of Finras. A tribe of Humans known as the Tukhanisthas leave Pelenos and set off towards the Mal'akh Desert. The Dwarves found Erebus, a city beneath the great mountain that bears its name.
  • 3760 BP The empire of Pelenos expand rapidly and the Tukhanisthas reach Mal'akh. They found Tasadura. Finras grows quickly in power and begin to dislike the Orcs. Lizardfolk first make contact with Arokis and his tribe in their newly built city Tian.


The deities of Midgarde. Some reign from the heavens, some walk the world. However they are quite different than legends portray them, wether that is good or bad remains to be seen.


Commander of fire and light. His home is in Valhalla. His followers tend to be sorcerers, pyromancers and enemies of the darkness god, Nuul.


The lady of water. She lives on the Isle of Elos in a neverending lake of silver water. Her followers tend to be rogues, farmers who need water and people in deserts.


Known as the immovable stone, Thoron is the lord of the earth. He dwells within Erebus as the form of a statue of stone. The majority of his followers are fighters, paladins and clerics. Those who seek to stand steadfast.


The goddess of air, Aerdas dwells in Valhalla in a castle of clouds. She is somewhat a lesser worshipped deity but her followers include archers, airship pilots and elves.


The lord of all magic, he is currently on Midgarde in his form...a jewelled skull. He is quite unpredictable with his gifts of power. His followers tend to be anyone who desires magical power without considering the cost.


Entil is the insane god of healing, given a bad reputation by his evil clergy. He has very little power compared to the likes of Astar and the Loa.


The lord of the necromancers, Hathos rules the underworld Hel and returns those to life who the gods order. He has his own schemes though. His followers are necromancers and those who fear death greatly.

The Loa

The Loa, as he is called for his real name is unknown, is the serpent king of primal magic. He is the brother of Astar. Shamans, Sorcerers and Rogues worship him.


Tuvong is the language and lingua franca of Nu'an.

  • Ku vang do - how are you?
  • Druuk ju shaido hieg - I require clerical attention.
  • Ku rokh u dai - what is your name?
  • Ku ekkor uyu do - what race are you?
  • Rang jai u - <insert> - my name is <insert>


Nu'an the single largest jungle on Midgarde. It is divided into two sides: the north and the south. They war frequently but make peace relatively easily. In the centre is the Grand Temple where Astar lives. The northern side controls it but the south desires it greatly.

Flora and Fauna

Exotic creatures such as Lions, Cheetahs and Baboons roam the jungle. Astar protects the cities from them in exchange that the hunters spare them in the hunts. Some primal idol within the jungle gives these creatures the will to slay more than normal. Many poisonous frogs, insects and snakes roam the forest looking for pray. In the trees, gorillas and other primates move between the trees. Strange nameless creatures can also be found in the darkest and most primal areas of the whole jungle. Lizardfolk live in the marshland areas by the rivers and some of them ally with the northern and southern states. For the large part though, they keep to themselves. They are adept at brewing potions and cooking though so many travellers come there to speak to their shamans and sample their brews.

There are many equally dangerous plants in Nu'an, most of them in the south. The trees, if gifted with sentience, become Treants with the desire to slay animals. These treants live in tribes at the base of great trees. Choking vines are numerous in the trees and undergrowth. They live for no reason other than to kill travellers and trees. Several medicinal plants exist in the jungle, thus many alchemists travel here to gather them. However, only masters may seperate them from the poisonous plants. A mix-up can be fatal. Many abberant plants, created from foul magic can be found haunting the darkest areas of the forest. The branches of a magical tree known as Sinwood can be made into a staff that siphons magic from idols and into the wielders body. The flora of the jungle can be just as dangerous as the fauna.

The North

The north is entirely controlled by the Ithron Company with Astar at their side. The megalomaniacal and egomaniacal ruler Lucien Gray rules the whole area from the temple. But he is not as bad as he seems, merely prone to losing his temper and flights of fancy. The greatest city of the north is Jawar which is mainly built over a massive underground mining complex. Many airships are used to defend the city along with the great airship The Valiant. While their arships and creations are less numerous than the south, they are more powerful and better designed.

The South

The south is definitely the weaker faction, although greater in technology but weaker in magic. The ruler is Juhani the warlord. He is not as wicked as Lucien but is crueller than him when it comes to war. They have many, worse built, airships to wage war on the north. They have no cities but many villages. Their main craft is golem crafting. Unlike typical golems, these beings are armoured steel skeletons fitted with weapons designed to wage war on the north. Overall, they are more technological than magically empowered. But they are the weaker faction, having lost the great war and now reduced to a militant style state ruled by Juhani. But they are not in anarchy, just a psuedo-dictatorship.


Nuvang, the largest city in Nu'an and possibly the world. It is where Astar and Entil dwell and also the home of the Ithron Company.


There are only two great nations in the world, the elves and the dwarves. Apart from that, the most powerful forces are the Ithron company and Harang incorporated.

Ithron Company

Only the oldest elves can recall the creation of this company and even they have it wrong. It was never founded, just like the CEO Lucien Grey, it was always there. They deal in shipping, oil, textiles, steel, chemicals and bio-technology. And they also have made inroads into the vast gulf of space. They mainly employ goblins, bugbears and ogres. The greatest strength of the company is that they have a god as a major investor.

Harang Incorporated

The most recent company to appear, Harang incorporated is ran by Falkan Herophat, an operative from Erebus who went rogue after trying to kill Lucien Gray. The company deals in airships, weaponry and golems. They primarily employ dwarves, gnomes and humans. Every few years they unsuccessfully try to kill Lucien Grey and conquer the world. Yet, to this day, they have never come close to even causing major damage.

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