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Caves of Chaos is a 5e introductory adventure based on the classic Keep of the Borderlands Basic D&D module, run by GamerAim for people who do not need introduced to D&D. The goal is to show people a good old time from when D&D wasn't about all this railroading high-adventure pre-plotted stuff: the players and the DM make the story by making choices, and Keep on the Borderlands was a locale that enabled that to happen. It is a story that will be molded by the choices we make and their consequences. This is Dungeons & Dragons. Welcome to the Caves of Chaos.

When you post your actions, start with your character's name in bold. Don't use a header and don't sign the post (I trust you not to pose as someone else's character :)

Player Characters[edit]

The World[edit]

The world is similar to most other generic fantasy worlds, with elves and gods and magic, but with one notable difference: there are no stars. But there are some who believe in stars and join what are known as Star Cults. Most such cults are harmless, if stigmatized by mainstream society, but others are more dangerous. Navigation across distances has historically been guided by magic rather than the stars, though roads are maintained to assist in travel even at night. I don't really know how navigation works, but just assume it does.

The keep, as you'll read below, is on the borderlands of a moderately-sized empire comprised largely of humans and elves (plus half-elves). To the west are older elven, dwarven and gnomish nations in various states of stability, though travel to the west is restricted by travel over either mountains or water, and the northern and western coasts of the empire have a healthy sea trade. To the east and south are lands yet to be fully tamed; the south mainly plains and jungle far as anyone knows, and the east is wooded and mountainous. It is a distance from the base of the mountains to the east, in the hilly and forested borderlands on the edge of the empire that the game takes place. A mid-level fighter known as Lord Dyson, an ally of the Empress who was gifted some land in the past few years, holds rule over this region with his Magist Freeman, the innkeep Olaf, and Matriarch Stapledon of the local Church of the Ancestral Gods — all once a party of adventurers like yourselves.

Player Maps[edit]


  • Lord Dyson: Lord of the keep and close friend of the Empress Gaelerion-Concord VII.
  • Magist Freeman: Former member of Dyson's adventuring group and current court magician at Dyson's Keep.
  • Olaf: Proprietor of the Traveler's Inn & Tavern. Former member of Dyson's adventuring group.


  • Never trust an altar.
  • Be wary of your party members.
  • Dog-headed men dwell in the caves.
  • A kidnapped princess is being held in the caves.

The Game[edit]

The Dice Room[edit]


From the eastern reaches of the Empire of Gaelerion, sitting atop the borderlands between law and chaos, the noble Lord of Dyson Keep has sent out a call to arms to all doughty adventurers to seek out the monsters and brigands who have been raiding the wilderlands, where already few traders and settlers dear tread. To expand his influence and that of the Empress Gaelerion-Concord VII, he requests the aid of such brave peoples to venture eastward of his keep into the Forsaken Vale to locate and exterminate the threats, that you may be rewarded for your efforts with riches and experience. But beware: rumors tell of members of an evil Star Cult or worse making their homes in the caves said to house those you seek. You may well discover why they're called...the Caves of Chaos.

Day 2, October 12th/712, 9:08:45 AM[edit]

This is where I will keep track of daily things, like living expenses, healing, etc. The header will keep track of the day, date, year and time.

  • Jack Living Expenses: Free
  • Wfoz Living Expenses: Poor (1 gp, 4 sp Day 1-7)
  • In'Za Living Expenses: Poor (1 gp, 4 sp Day 1-7)

Combat: Round 4[edit]

This is where I will keep track of combat things, like initiative, effects, etc.

Initiative: Jack, Kobold 3, In'Za, Kobold 2, Wfoz, Kobold 6, Kobold 7, Kobold 1

Death Saves (Bad/Good): Jack 2/1, In'Za 2/1, Wfoz N/A

Day 1[edit]

The Keep[edit]

DM. For many days, perhaps weeks, you have traveled along the many roads of your pasts to the eastern reaches of Gaelerion for reasons of your own. By pure happenstance, you have stumbled upon each other along the trek, still strangers to one another, yet having grown familiar with one another, for perhaps you may be stronger together than alone. As you enter these borderlands between law and chaos, farms and towns are infrequent, and travelers all the more rare. Into the valley, the well-worn yet well-maintained road climbs higher into the forested wilderlands.

At last, now around dusk, you see the Keep of Lord Dyson, standing above the few farms and homesteads surrounding the plateau atop which it sits. You climb up a narrow, rocky trail; a sheer wall of uncut stone to your left, and a steep cliff along your right side. At the end of this trail, atop a small plateau, stands the gated keep. All along the wall, you see curious blue-clad crossbowmen peering down at you, while two pikemen stand guard out front of the gate. As you approach, a woman shouts from above, "State your name, profession and intent!"

Decca raises her voice so the mysterious woman can hear, trying to be as cordial as possible. "I am Decca. Performer, porter, and novice spellcaster. I have followed these traveling companions for several days and it should be clarified we each have our own desires, with no leader or representative among us. I for one seek trade and employment, or at least a safer stay than another night in the wilderness." She turns to the others. A plant, a lizard, and and a bug—no wonder these people were suspicious of the group.

Wfoz. Wfoz peers up towards towards the battlements, and maneuvers in front of the pike-men. With the most booming voice he can manage, Wfoz shouts "Mmy nzame izz Wfoz. Mmy ttrzibe izz Herametz. I lozzt Herametz whenz we lefft tthe Undezrderkk. I wezz ttrzownz overzboeerd inz tthe sttorm. I eem a Pizzreete! Mmy frrienzdzz eerre powerzfull, zzo wez wanzt zto help Lord Dysonz. Wee seekk adveznture!"

In'Za. "My name is In'Za. I am a Paladin, a Keeper of the barriers between planes. I came in response to Lord Dyson's call for adventurers. I wish to help rid the land of the monsters and thieves who ravage it."

DM. The men stare blankly at you all for a minute, before she shouts again to open the gate. As the gate opens, you see a man walking towards you as he looks up at the woman above,"Corporal Sterling, what's all this noise? Do we have visit- By the gods!" he exclaims upon seeing you all. He appears to be in his late 40s, immaculately groomed and clad in ornate slightly shimmering full plate armor, with a bastard sword in his similarly decorated scabbard and a tower shield strapped to his back. Walking alongside him is a robed figure, short and shrouded by the loose-fitting garment, face obscured by a drooped hood. The former man walks with a steady, intentional pace, his back straight, head held high and hands clasped behind his back. A military man, maybe a high-ranking general or minor noble based on his appearance. His voice is booming and demanding, but never crude or slight with emotion. He's almost diplomatic, in a cold and formal way of his demeanor.

"I mean: welcome, doughty adventurers to My keep, ye who have heeded my call to arms for fame and fortune, and the Favor of Her Most Majestic Excellence Her Majesty Lady Empress Gaelerion-Concord VII. I am Lord Dyson, and all around you is My lands, and I should warn you to do no harm to My property or My people. As I have made myself clear, let it be known that you are welcome to My keep and Its services, within the fullest extent of the law of Her Most Majestic Excellence Her Majesty Lady Empress Gaelerion-Concord VII." He motions all around to indicate his keep and its environments, then indicates his companion, "This is the Magist Freeman, who is to be disturbed only in urgent matters of the arcane, and only then with due payment." He continues, "In all other respects, the inn, smithy, Church and all other services as appropriate per time of day, are open to you with full payment for services rendered. I might recommend first the inn — most would-be adventurers visit it first."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend. You're dismissed." He leads his shadowy companion back the way he come, towards the large fortress on the opposite side of the keep. You overhear him whispering to his friend, "What were those things? Adventuring parties are not what they used to be." The magist simply nods in agreement as he walks.

Player map of the keep.

In'Za. (we got high-key burned lol) In'Za bows to Lord Dyson before entering the keep and beckoning Decca and Wfoz to come with him.

Wfoz. Wfoz follows the party to the inn. Once there, he inquires about how adventurers are asked to help Lord Dyson, and what we can expect in return. What tume of day is it, and what is going on at the inn?

DM. Corporal Sterling climbs down the battlements. She is dressed in plate mail and carries a shield, with sword and dagger at her waist. Beside her is a scribe in robes who records the name of each person who enters or leaves, and flanking both is another man-at-arms in plate armor with pole arms. She addresses you grouchily, "I am Corporal Sterling. Rule 1: Your names have been logged so you may come and go as you please. Rule 2: Your weapons must remained sheathed and your mounts must remained stabled, for so long as you are within the keep. All possessions not on your person will be stored in the warehouse. Rule 3: You may not enter the Inner Bailey without explicit permission from Lord Dyson."

When dismounted, lackeys come from the stable to take the mounts or mules. Any goods which are not carried by you are stored in the warehouse. Another lackey shows you to the Traveler’s Inn.

It is now about 7 PM (1900) and the sun has set on the mountains to the east. The Traveller's Inn (formally the Traveller's Inn & Tavern) is a long, low structure with five small private rooms and a large common sleeping area with a capacity of around a dozen. A sign lists the prices as 1 gp per night for private rooms, but only 1 sp per night for sleeping the common area. A door to the upstairs has a sign indicating no trespassing.

A thick, sturdy wooden door is all that separates the inn from the tavern. Within the tavern is the inn/barkeep, a sleazy-looking bald-headed man of short height and average weight. Despite his looks, he seems well-liked, and can be seen chatting with one of the tavern's 8 patrons, an armed and armored dwarf, at the bar. Your attempts to gather information reveal an odd warning not to trust your party, as well as rumors of dog-headed humanoids in the caves to the east, which are also purported to be the location of a kidnapped princess.

Item Cost
Ale 5 sp
Small beer 1 sp
Wine 5 sp
Honey mead 1 gp
Bark tea 1 sp
Bread slice 1 cp
Bowl of pudding 1 sp
Bowl of soup 1 sp
Bowl of stew 5 sp
Roast fowl 1 gp
Roast joint 2 gp
Cheese wedge 5 sp
Fruit 1 sp

Wfoz. Wfoz walks over by the Dwarf, standing before the counter, the flasks of ale, and the stored bottles of wine. Waiting for an opening in their conversation, I quickly interpose. "I wazntt an Ale, zzirz. Whatt are yourr znammes?" After getting his ale, he informs the dwarf "Czheerz, Metz!" and takes a gulp from his tankard. "We mayz look differrezntt," as my antennae perks up and the last glimmers of sunlight shine through my spine to create deep shadows on the bar counter and the floors. "But, we arre powerzfull. We hearrdz tthee preencezz izz in ttrrouble. Do botth off zzou find adveznturerzz likzz mmy frrienzdzz aznd I ffitt tto rezcue herr?"

In'Za. In'Za purchases a bark tea and some roast fowl. "I assure you, none of us mean any harm. You don't look the kind to be intimidated by the likes of us."

DM. The dwarf nearly falls off his stool as Wfoz startles him, "By the gods, bug-man!" the says gruffly, "I thought you was some monster here to eat us all!" He composes himself and orders another ale, "My name is Banain." He drinks to your toast. The barkeep introduces himself after bringing your drinks and informing the cook of In'Za's order, "I'm Olaf Ginte, local Guildmaster and proprietor of the Traveler's Inn & Tavern," he speaks softly, "And strange as you may look, I've seen far more terrifying things in my travels." They both laugh heartily at In'Za, " you? Hahaha!" The barkeep continues, "They say no one has ever returned from the caves," he smiles roguishly, "But if you're really so intent, I do have a map that can take you right there. Just 1 gold piece." After he finishes laughing, the dwarf gives a piece of advice, "In return for the laugh, I'll give ye a piece advice from me adventuring, lad: altars are dangerous, 'specially if they be found far from the prying eyes of civilized folk."

Jack. The sound of laughter draws my attention to a odd-looking group speaking with Banain and Olaf. From my place in the corner of the tavern, I study them as I did to everyone when I was in town. I managed to catch one word from their conversation. Caves. I rise to my full height and begin making my way to the group, my clawed feet clicking on the floor. Only adventurers would be interested in the caves near here, since there was only one of interest. I could use some adventurers.

Wfoz. Wfoz waits until the rest of the party gathers around, making small talk with the dwarf and the barkeep. Then, he asks the rest of the party "Do we wzantt tto rezcue tthee preencezz, tto zzhow our inteznttionzz? We will zzkkip tthe altterz of courze." Depending on their answer, Wfoz will buy the map. Talking to Jack, Wfoz invites him into the group. "I zee zroomm ffor you iff you wanzt tto help Lord Dysonz likke uz."

Decca is quietly drinking from her bowl of soup (for which she, if there is no objection, will pay a silver piece). From behind In'Za and Wfos she rises to her feet to stand on her stool, required as such for her height at the table to meet that of some of these giants. A gold piece is slid across the table towards Wfoz to meet his palm, and thereby answer the question he just posed. Without a word Decca returns to sit at her soup. Should the dwarf or anyone else look her way, she will offer a respectful nod of greeting, but return to her soup lest words be exchanged in her direction. (I'll stay in for now. I'm perfectly willing to cede my spot and have Decca attend to other "urgent business" if newcomers considerably expand the party, however.)

DM. Olaf takes Wfoz's gold piece and pockets it, then reaches under the counter and pulls out a rolled scroll and sets it up the table, careful not to touch Wfoz. He also pockets Decca's silver piece. Olaf smiles, "You've made a smart choice, bug man. And remember: if you do find gold in those hills, be sure to bring it back and spend it at find establishments such as this one." The dwarf raises a mug of ale, "I'll drink to that!" and takes a swig of his ale.

Jack. As I draw near them, one of them turns and talks to me. It looks like an oversized bug, but it isn't its appearance that gets me. I take a step back as it talks to me. I recover after it buys some sort of scroll, "I am going to guess that I was asked to join ye. Why? I walked over here wearing nothing save me loincloth and backpack, and ye ask me to join. What makes ye think I want to join ye?"

Wfoz. "I jjuzt gott a map off whezre tthee preencezz izz. She izz in tthee cavves too tthee Eazt. My rresponze, Jjackk, izz iff you wanzt tto rezcue tthee preencezz, and iff you wanzt tto help Lord Dysonz likke uzz, ttheen jjoizn uzz. Whhatt are yyourr planz witthzoutt uzz, Jjackk?"

Wfoz also tries to get more concrete information about the map. "Banaizn, arre tthe cavves too tthee Eazt whhere tthee monzterz arre? Whezre arre most off tthee altterz?"

Decca catches the attention of that giant dragon-looking fellow with a motion of her hand, "Sir, we're a bunch of odd-looking misfits—and at least two of us are now trying to rescue a precious noblewoman who may not yet still live, by going into caverns the locals are wise enough to avoid. Capable as we are, we are not gods. Suffice to say any aid we can get on this quest is more than welcome... and suffice to say any role you play in successfully rescuing a princess will be rewarded with more than just coin."

That said, she turned towards In'Za, "I assume rescuing a princess appeals to you? You are coming with us, right?" The little deku was making every effort to make her invitation to this suicide mission seem as nonchalant as possible. Decca knew her days were numbered anyway; to her, these life-and-death situations were feeling less and less dire.

Jack. I sigh at the bug's response, "Ye got me. I was just a little surprised at how... open ye was. For all ye knew, I was just some traveler coming for a drink. As for Lord Dyson, I suppose helping him is something. In truth, me plans were to visit town as see if I couldn't find someone to help me clear those caves and if not, go alone." I nod towards the talking plant, "Aye, I will come with ye. M'name's Jack. Jack of the Forest. Ye can guess why that's me name. But it matters not. I can help guide ye to the caves, I've been there before. However, me reasons are me own."

Decca. "Well met, Jack. I am called Decca." She gestures to the others, "These are Wfoz Herametz—did I pronounce that right this time?—and In'Za. Travelers, adventurers, that sort of thing... You can probably tell from looking at us why we're together."

DM. "Caves?" asks Banain, "Oh right, the caves. Never been there myself, though I do believe they're to the east somewhere. Can't rightly say for sure of an altars. Just a piece of advice I give out from...personal experience." At that, the dwarf returns to drinking. Olaf looks at Jack doubtfully, "You went into the caves and lived?" he asks with an insinuation of disbelieving you, "I think I'd have heard of such, dragonborn." (I know you're not a dragonborn, but Olaf doesn't care to know the difference)

Jack. Despite my face being unable to display most emotions, it can do irratation pretty well. My eye ridges lower as I retort, "I am a scaled dracon. Remember it. As well, I've live in Fellgrim Forest for over 200 years, of course I've been to the caves. It is only recently that... things have been happening," I lean forward and lower my voice, "And therein lies me reasons. The forest around those caves isn't right. It feels strange and unnatural. The trees seem dark and menacing. Animals don't dare get near it. Even I feel out of place, an outsider, when I'm there. I can't stand it. That forest is me home. I want whatever is happening in those caves to stop, no matter the cost to me." I turn towards my newfound companions, "But I haven't been to those caves since this all started. I have no idea what waits there. Even so, will ye help me?" (If anything I wrote contradicts your plans, go ahead and cross it out.)

Wfoz. "All wee arree lookizng forr izz tthee dogg-headed humaznoidzz zwho havee tthee preencezz capttuzreed. Theen we can askk Lord Dyson morre aboutt tthee cavvez." Wfoz keeps talking with the patrons in the tavern until he is ready to fall asleep. He pays for a nights stay in the common sleeping area (how much does this cost?), and beds down near the rest of the party. Although his body keeps making buzzing noises as he enters his dreams, its no worse then the snoring from the many other patrons. When the morning comes, Wfoz gathers his weapons, straps his armor and backpack on "Herametz! Lettz rezcue tthee preencezz!" and leaves together for the caves.

In'Za. In'Za rises from meditation in the sleeping area and joins Wfoz at the keep gates. "You would call us part of your clan? I am honored." In'Za bows deeply to Wfoz.

Jack. I tilt my head as Wfoz speaks, "Presence? Some dog-headed humanoids captured a presence? Why are ye looking for pres- oh, I see. Princess. Very well. Forget I said anything, then. It likely won't be important." I turn to Olaf, "I suppose it doesn't really matter whether ye believe me or not. It happened and that's all." I give a mirthless, dry chuckle and say, "I think I need to rest and think. I'll see ye the morning. I'll wait for ye at the forest's edge east of the keep." I turn and head for the door, muttering under my breath as I go, "What was I thinking, sharing me life story? Did I honestly expect anyone to care? That is a weakness I cannot afford. Me life doesn't work that way, never has, never will. But just something about them..." I leave both the tavern and the keep, making my way the forest. I delve in a short way and curl up among the trees, falling to sleep after once more berating myself. In the morning, I return to the forest's edge, and wait for others to arrive.

DM. (I'll assume that Jack lives fairly close to the border of the woods. The map itself is rather small - maybe 5-10 miles on each side. Jack likely lives about 30 minutes away from the fort. He's reclusive and knows little of what goes on beyond that of normal animals which is why the existence of a Dracon in the forest is unheard of.)

Olaf offers Wfoz a stay in the common room for just 1 SP a night. (For simplicity, I'd like it if everyone could tell me what lifestyle they'll be supporting the next 7 days. Prices can be found in the PHB and maybe SRD, multiplied by 7. I'll assume Jack's is free unless he wants to pay to live in civilization. The keep doesn't allow people to live wretched or squalid inside its borders.)

(In'Za chooses to live a Poor lifestyle, costing 1 gold piece and 2 copper pieces in total. I assume this uses the standard Inn prices.)

Day 2[edit]

The Caves of Chaos[edit]

DM. The journey down the road takes you just over an hour and Jack meets with the party halfway down the road. Passing a large mound around the bend north, you continue up towards the rumored location of the Caves of Chaos, passing through the Fellgrim Forest off the beaten path, as it grows denser, tangled and gloomier. The thick, twisted tree trunks, unnaturally misshapen limbs, writhing roots, clutching and grasping thorns and briars all seem to warn and ward you off, but you have forced and hacked your way through regardless.

Now the strange grown as suddenly ended — you have stepped out of the thicket into a ravine. Its walls — dark, streaked rock mingled with earth — rise steeply to either side to a height of about 100 feet. Clumps of trees, some dead, stand even on the slopes. The opening you are in is about 200 feet wide, and the ravine runs at least 400 feet west. At varying heights on all sides of the ravine are the mouths of caves. The sunlight is dim and the air is dank, with the oppressive feeling of something evil watching. A flock of ravens rises croaking from the ground, the terrain magnifying the beat of their wings and their cries into a horrible sound. Among the litter of rubble, boulders, and dead wood on the ravine floor, you can see bones of humanoids, animals, and other creatures. You have discovered the Caves of Chaos.

Jack. Ever since they had stepped foot in this part of the forest, Jack couldn't stop looking around for... anything. His scales also slightly lifted, giving him a more jagged appearance. "There they are, but there was never that many bones here, only what ye would expect from hunting. It worries me..." I am going to look around to see if I notice anything.

Wfoz studies the bones. Are there any dog skulls here? "Metz, hhow will we kznow which cavve tthe preencezz iz in?" (Wfoz can scavage for food when we stay in the wilderness, and in towns he will be living a poor lifestyle for the time being).

In'Za. In'Za draws his weapons and peers into each of the caves in turn. (Is it dim light or darkness in there? His darkvison has a range of 120 feet btw) (Also, the Rumors tab is excellent)

DM. (BTW, what's the marching order in the dungeon?) Wfoz does not recognize any dog skulls, nor can he identify any species. Does he join In'Za and Jack or do something else while they search?

Jack and In'Za search the grounds (presumably together?) starting with the nearest visible opening (D). The area past the cave mouth features roughly worked stone tunnels that snake off into the darkness. The tunnel ends 60 feet down and you can make out two branching paths about 20-30 feet inside. West of this cave entrance, hidden under a copse of trees, Jack spots another cave entrance (will update map, but it's under the large tree just west of D). Peering in, In'Za spots on a pile of dried leaves the slumbering form of a bear. Up north (A), a thick clump of trees doesn’t quite hide the black mouth of an opening in the ravine wall. Approaching it, Jack notices small dog-headed men hidden in the trees above the mouth of the opening.

Jack. With dog men in the trees, I kneel, as if looking at something. In truth, I was using the action to trick them into thinking I hadn't seen them. It would work fairly well with other animals. After a moment, I call out, "I found something!" while waving my companions over with my claws bared, as if I was casually slashing the air.

Decca has been left behind in the village. Her stubby wooden legs can't keep up with these giants, apparently. (You might as well write her off at this point. Needless to say she isn't in the marching order.)

In'Za. In'Za walks over to Jack with weapons drawn. "We must be quiet. There is a bear in one of these caves. What have you found, Jack?"

Wfoz. Wfoz stops rummaging through the piles of bones, and goes to where Jack is standing, ready for anything. "Jackk, whhatt do you see?"

Jack. Speaking softer, both in answer to In'Za statement and so the dog men don't hear me, I begin pointing at and tracing something imaginary on the ground, "Act as if I am showing ye something. In the trees in front of me, there are dog-headed men hiding. They hide well, but unfortunately for them, I am well experienced at spotting hidden things. If ye must speak now, do so quitely and act like me."

Wfoz draws a diagram in the sand, and takes a ready action to attack the first dog-headed man that attacks someone in the party. He whispers, "we couzldd trz dipplomacz iff they dozntt wazntt tto fightt uzz."

Jack. I point at a spot in the middle of Wfoz's diagram, "I would prefer that, but directly acknowledging them could have dire consequences. In any case, if that entrance is guarded, then it is most likely where the princess or whatever is causing all this is."

In'Za. In'Za takes the Dodge action before suggesting in a whisper to Jack "Perhaps we should enter a cave. When they follow us in, we will be ready, and they will be the ones who are ambushed."

Jack. I raise my head and glance around, checking to ensure nothing is sneaking up on us. I pay special care to the cave In'Za had checked, but I don't look directly at where the dog men are hiding. "That may work, but they seem like they will not follow us. We have been searching around here and they have done nothing more than watch us." I pause, thinking, then shake my head and point at another spot, "This ruse cannot last much longer or they might grow suspicious. My plan if that we get up and decide that whatever we found seems to point to that entrance. We go to it while not looking like we know they are there. If they confront us, we can attempt diplomacy, but if they attack outright, they will not expect us to react like we knew they were there. We might even catch them with their guards down and turn and ambush into a rout.

In'Za. In'Za nods. "On your command."

DM. (Updated map. Which cave are you going into? You're outside A right now. D is the first you visited. E is the one you saw a bear in.)

Jack. (Yes, A is the target, since it has the dog-headed men filled trees near it.) I nod to In'Za, "Good. It will be clear," I turn to Wfoz, "Any questions from ye, Foz?" (For some reason, I see Jack as having difficulty saying Wfoz's name, so he calls him Foz.)

DM. As you approach the cave mouth, the 8 dog men jump out of the tree and attack. Since they're aware of you and you're aware of them, no one is surprised. Initiative order is posted under the combat tab. (I remind you to use the Rolz dice room linked above to roll relevant attacks or whatever. AC is 12 and you're all in melee range with all of the kobolds. Yes, kobolds have dog heads.)

Jack. (Two questions. One, the Initiative above is the current order, yes? That is, Wfoz, then Jack, then the various kobolds, then In'Za (the tenth In'Za, apparently ;) ). Second, what if we do not know have to use the dice room nor feel comfortable about it?)

DM. (Yes, initiative is the current order. Anyone can give their actions before their turn, I suppose, and I'll just run them in order. Ideally, you read the whole recruitment thread and knew you were supposed to use it, and know how to use it, and are comfortable using it. If not, I could run your dice myself, but it might slow the game down some. But being a PbP, slowing it down isn't a huge issue.)

Jack. (Okay. Just tried to use it on my phone and... I hate my phone. It won't even load the page. I'll use the Dice Room if I post from my computer and try to do these parts from my computer, otherwise, I'll let you know if it's my phone. Which this is.) I will use both my action and bonus action to make unarmed strikes to whichever kobold is closest. If they die on the first attack, I will attack the next nearest. 1d20+4 attack roll and does 1d4+2 slashing damage.

Wfoz. Wfoz bluntly states to everyone who can hear him, "We can fforgett dipplomacz, Metz." Wfoz begins dueling a nearby Kobold. 1d20, 15 + 5 = 20. Hit (1d8 & 1d6, 7 & 2 + 3 = 12) for 12 points of damage.

In'Za. In'Za slashes the nearest kobold with his longsword, dealing 2 Slashing damage.

DM. Jack barely understands as the kobolds scream strange warcries in their native tongue, shouting for death to the tall ones. Wfoz cuts a kobold down while Jack misses one completely. The other kobolds shout cries of anger at the death of their comrade and take out their rage on Wfoz. Kobold 5 hits Wfoz for 4 damage. Kobold 3 hits In'Za for 5 damage and Kobold 1 kits In'Za for 4 damage. Kobold 7 hits Wfoz for 4 damage. Kobold 4 hits Wfoz for 6 damage. In'Za hits kobold 4 for 2 damage.

In'Za is now at 5 HP and Wfoz is at -1. New initiative order has been rolled.

Kobold 5 hits In'Za, who is now at -1 HP as well. Jack is up.

(I feel like Decca's absence has left us a bit underpowered)

Jack. (I agree. Now I'm just going to do what I can to get Jack some space to get us out, but he may fall. I really can't do anything else, but fight, I'll likely die to opportunity attacks if I try to flee.) The fact that the kobold ignored me and felled my companions infuriated me, "Just who do you think I am!?" I roar in Draconic, both in anger and hoping I wake a certain something up (bear). I make two attacks, just like before (I would prefer to hit kobold 4 first, if I can reach him).

First attack: 1d20; 12+4=16 Hit. 1d4; 3+2=5 damage

Second attack: 1d20; 20+4=24 Crit! Hit. 2d4; 5+2=7 damage

In'Za. Death save 1d20: 11. Success.

DM. (Sorry I forgot to roll death saves and forgot that negative HP isn't a thing! I meant to roll the death saves, but I guess I forgot and got it into my mind that you should have negative HP instead >_>) Jack kills the two goblins flanking him (4 and 5). Three kobolds wail on Jack, knocking him to 0 HP. Automatic death save failure.

Remarkably, Wfoz wakes up (rolled a natural 20 on death save, +1 HP) just as kobold 3 leans down to rummage through the unconscious In'Za. In'Za and Jack both fail their death saves this round.

Wfoz. Wfoz makes a Stealth check to stay hidden (I doubt the Kobolds know the difference from a dead Rakshia and Wfoz faking to be dead) while he takes an action to help and stabilize Jack. Stealth: 1d20, 11 + 5 = 16. Medicine: 1d20, 6 + 1 = 7.

DM. (What was the help action for?)

GD. (his ability to survive? If you don't want to accept it, since there is not one of the abilities there then just go without it)

DM. (That makes sense. I'll allow it) The kobolds do not notice Wfoz as he subtly tries to assist Jack's recovery. Kobold 2 looks around for other dangers, kobold 6 pats down Jack, kobold 1 looks over the dead kobolds and kobold 7 pats down Wfoz but fails to notice that he's awake.

The kobolds take Jack's hunting trap and rations, In'Za's rations and incense, and Wfoz's 5 days of rations and ornate gold-trimmed pocket-sized trunk and leave you for dead for larger predators to pick at, or maybe serve as a warning for others. "Yak gro woof!" kobold 1 shouts at the others, proudly holding Jack's trap and leading the kobolds towards the cave mouth.

Jack makes his death save with Wfoz's help, while In'Za does not. (Wfoz can delay his initiative until the kobolds are gone, if you'd like.)

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