What's Bugging You? (3.5e Quest)

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What's Bugging You?[edit]

Intended for four level {{{adventurer level}}} adventurers.


  • Prep Time {{{preparation time}}}
  • Play Time {{{play time}}}

Quest Introduction[edit]



Forty years ago a rather reclusive youth by the name of Relan joined the druidic circle near the town of Dran but quickly left after the elder druids discovered his apparently complete lack of interest in the forest or its creatures, however, the druids later found some rather interesting objects in his room, a set of glass jars containing a variety of beetles that even the elder druids had never seen before, including one enormous specimen that had apparently eaten all the others in the jar. The druids released the beetles into the forest and most of them seemingly died off, but the town of Dran has recently been plagued by swarms of enormous beetles.


Wait until the PCs stop off in a backwater town and enter the tavern (not that that will take more than half a second) and read the following: As you enter the tavern you are struck by the thick smell of burning oil and cloth, the tavern itself is in ruins, the woodwork looks like it has been eaten away by giant termites, suddenly three giant beetles each the size of a cat crawl out from the rotting woodwork and charge towards you! The insects are Giant Beetles(3.5e creature) of the tiny variety and attack whoever is nearest or any prone character within move distance, in addition, any character who weighs more than 200 pounds has a 20% chance of collapsing the floor beneath him each round and having to make a DC 14 Reflex save or fall prone. Once the beetles are all killed the innkeeper comes out of his hiding place behind the casks of ale and explains the sorry state of the town. "It's those horrid beetles yer honors, every day they crawl into town and eat up everything they can find, edible or not. I've got got it the worst though, a few of the disgusting things got into my cellar awhile back and now the horrid bugs are swarming all over my tavern trying to find a way into the cellar. The druids have been tryin there best to help me out, but they can't seem to get rid of the beetles for good, if you fellows can kill the beetles infesting the cellar I'll pay you fifty gold and a round of drinks." If the PCs enter the cellar then read the following: "The cellar is damp and dark illuminated only by a few sputtering torch stubs, as you open the door you are struck by the overwhelming stench of refuse and acid, through your watering eyes you see that the cellar is 20ft. by 20 ft. and that two inches of water cover the floor, in the corner near a broken keg of ale three beetles huddle drinking the spilt ale. As you step into the cellar two of them split of from the huddle and scuttle towards you!" the two attacking beetles are tiny sized giant beetles but the one still in the corner is a giant stink beetle that waits until a player enter the radius of its stink ability and blasts them with scent then attacks on its turn. Once the monsters are defeated the PCs can search the cellar for treasure finding three bottles of rare dwarven ale on a DC 16 Search check, which, although completely undrinkable by non-dwarves (DC 20 Fort save to keep down) is worth 50 gp per bottle (the PC carrying the bottles must make a DC 10 Sleight of Hand check to conceal the bottles or the inkeeper will not only confiscate them but also refuse to pay), if the PCs get a 20 or higher on their search check they also find a small tunnel which leads to area -- in the beetle caves. After the players finish the beetles the inkeeper pays them and suggests that they try visiting the druids and that they might have some work for them.




Stage One: The Druids Circle[edit]

As you arrive at the druids circle you smell a familiar stench in the air, suddenly, two enormous beetles pull themselves out of the undergrowth and attack! (the beetle is a small sized monstrous beetle)

Stage Two: {{{stage-two name}}}[edit]

{{{stage-two details}}}

Stage Three: {{{stage-three name}}}[edit]

{{{stage-three details}}}

Stage Four: {{{stage-four name}}}[edit]

{{{stage-four details}}}

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