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the warp is not a plane, and cannot be reached by any means other than "warpstepping". the warp is an extremely nasty and caustic place. it is beyond description or definition by any mortal. it is neither nothing-ness, nor something-ness. it is an infinite morass of itself, warpstuff, that exists outside of and separate from the planes. through an extreme act of will, "stepping" into the warp for an infinitesimally small peroid of time and then exiting in a new location is possible. however, most that attempt this feat die instantly, or worse, consumed utterly by the forces of the warp. warpstepping is different than teleportation for the simple reason that it cannot feasibly be used to traverse any large distance, because of the dangers of being exposed to the warp for even a second at one time. even the temporary gates to the warp that are opened in the process of warpstepping release a gush of warpstuff into reality, causing greivious harm to all in its radius... such is the power of the warp. however, those who learn to harness its properties and exploit the glitches it causes in reality become Warpsteppers, nearly unkillable warriors who spread death in unpredictable bursts all over the battlefield, even learning to hurl their allies and enemies through the warp like living, teleporting missiles...

Making a Warpstepper[edit]

Warpsteppers excel at dishing damage out quickly, anywhere on the battlefield. They are easily able to avoid the retaliation of enemies, and make for great harassment or a lethal distraction while the rest of the party spreads out and supports with ranged attacks and spellcasting. At higher levels they can even function as a tank, kiting enemies with hit-and-run attacks while regenerating their own health and increasing AC with passive abilities.

Abilities: Warpstepping; short to medium range damaging teleportation with a variety of functions.

Races: All races but Elves and Half-Elves.

Alignment: Any Chaotic.

Starting Gold: As a Monk.

Starting Age: Any.

Table: The Warpstepper

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spells per Day Power
Maximum Power
Level Known
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 0 1 0 0 WS 1d6 20 ft, least invocations, inv. known 0
2nd 1 2 1 1 detect magic at will, inv. known 1
3rd 2 2 1 1 WS 2d6 40 ft, dr 1/lawful, inv. known 1
4th 2 3 2 2 warp power +1, inv. known 2
5th 3 3 2 2 WS 3d6 60 ft, warpstuff armor, inv. known 2
6th 3 4 3 3 lesser invocations, bonus combat feat, inv. known 3
7th 4 4 3 3 WS 4d6 80 ft, dr 2/lawful, inv. known 3
8th 5 5 4 4 warp power +2, fast healing 1, warp attack, inv. known 4
9th 6/1 5 4 4 WS 5d6 100 ft, warp interference aura, inv. known 4
10th 6/1 6 5 5 warp critical, energy resistance 5, warphardened 1, inv. known 5
11th 7/2 6 5 5 WS 6d6 120 ft, dr 3/lawful, greater invocations, inv. known 6
12th 8/3 7 6 6 warp power +3, bonus combat feat, warpwary, inv. known 6
13th 9/4 7 6 6 WS 7d6 140 ft, fast healing 2, warphardened 2, inv. known 7
14th 10/5 8 7 7 warp critical 2, inv. known 7
15th 11/6/1 8 7 7 WS 8d6 160 ft, dr 4/lawful, warp attack 2, inv. known 8
16th 12/7/2 9 8 8 warp power +4, fast healing 3, dark invocations, delayed warpstep, inv. known 9
17th 12/7/2 9 8 8 WS 9d6 180 ft, warphardened 3, inv. known 9
18th 13/8/3 10 9 9 fast healing 4, bonus combat feat, inv. known 10
19th 14/9/4 10 9 9 WS 10d6 200 ft, dr 5/lawful, inv. known 10
20th 15/10/5 12 10 10 warp power +5, fast healing 5, energy resistance 10, warp toss, warp mastery, inv. known 11

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
acrobatics, jump, climb, escape artist, heal, intimidate, knowledge (arcana), knowledge (dungeoneering), knowledge (the planes), perception, perform, stealth, survival.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Warpstepper.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Warpsteppers begin at level one proficient with all simple and martial weapons, but not proficient with any armor. Wearing more than light armor renders a Warpstepper unable to enter the warp and benefit from many of his abilities.

Warpstep (Sp): the warpstepper's main method of both attack and defense. instantly transports the warpstepper a distance via the mysterious pathways of the warp. the power of the warpstepper's forceful reentry into reality combined with brief exposure to the warp damages all corporeal creatures within melee combat range of the warpstepper, though they receive a Reflex save for half damage. can only be used when wearing no armor or light armor. this armor must also be loose and not constricting in any way. cannot warpstep when being grappled or physically bound. warpstepping is a standard action.

Invocations (Sp): The Warpstepper's limited arsenal of invocations function exactly like those of a Warlock. they are not spells, but spell-like abilities that can be used any number of times per day, once known. the invocations of primary interest Blast Shapes and Blast Essences, as these modify the capabilities of Warpstep in useful ways. the Warpstepper has access to these invocations in addition to all of the Blast Shapes and Blast Essences; LEAST: entropic warding, leaps and bounds, miasmic cloud. LESSER: curse of despair, walk unseen, wall of gloom. GREATER: chilling tentacles, devour magic, wall of perilous flame.

Detect Magic: beginning at 2nd level a Warpstepper can use Detect Magic as the spell at will.

Warp Power: beginning at 4th level, adds a +x to all melee attack and damage rolls, if you have warpstepped in the past x+2 rounds.

Warpstuff Armor: at 5th level, a Warpstepper learns how to cover his body in a thin sheen of warpstuff, the unique material native to the Warp. when activated, this ability gives him a +4 armor bonus to his AC until an enemy does manage to score a melee hit on him, at which time the armor disperses, doing WS damage to the attacker. cannot be used if already wearing armor.

Warp Attack: at level 8, (1/2 class level) times per day, a warpstepper can subtly use the warp to make an attack occur instantaneously, rendering the target of that attack flatfooted.

Warp Attack 2: Warp Attack at 15th level also adds (1/2 WS damage) in force damage when it connects, and the target of a successful strike must make a Fortitude save (10+1/2 class level+WIS mod) or become stunned for 1 round.

Warp Interference Aura: starting at 9th level, anyone that attempts to use any teleport ability within a radius around the warpstepper equal to the range of his WS ability must make a Will save (10+1/2 class level+WIS mod) or not be able to teleport and take WS damage.

Warphardened: at 10th level, after repeated exposure to the warp, the Warpstepper gains a +(1/2 WS dice) bonus to AC for x rounds after warpstepping.

Warp Critical 2: at 10th level, WS damage is automatically bestowed on a critical melee hit, but you MUST warpstep when the attack is made to gain this extra damage. this impromptu warpstep is at max half normal distance and deals half normal damage to any secondary targets. you may not apply blast essence or blast shape invocations to this warpstep.

Warp Critical 2: at 14th level, on a critical, you automatically do WS damage and may choose to WS again to a second target and automatically gain a free melee attack on this target, the target is counted as being flat-footed against this attack. you may apply blast shape and/or blast essence invocations to this warpstep.

Warpwary: at 12th level, the warpstepper adds his WIS bonus to Reflex saves when he is caught off guard, and receives his WIS bonus as a bonus to his initiative. he is accustomed to acting on split-second impulses and his awareness (and paranoia) have been heightened by his exposure to the Warp.

Delayed Warpstep: at 16th level, a Warpstepper can step into the warp and not exit until at most (1/2 WS dice) turns later. may choose exit point/target at the time of exit, dealing double WS damage and knocking the target back 1d10 ft. the target must make a Will save to resist taking triple WS damage and being knocked back 3d10 ft if the Warpstepper was in the warp 2 turns or longer. cannot warpstep again on next turn.

Warp Toss: at 20th level a Warpstepper may attempt to force others (smaller than huge) into a warpstep, dealing WS damage to them and their target(s). targets receive a Will save to resist being warped. warp-ees are stunned and sickened for 1d4 rounds.


When a Warpstepper changes alignment to neutral, he loses his ability to warpstep until he can find a way to change it back. If a Warpstepper's alignment shifts all the way to lawful, however, he loses his connection to the Warp forever and may never warpstep again. All other bonuses that do not rely on warpstepping are retained.

Epic-level Warpsteppers[edit]

Table: The Epic Warpstepper

Hit Die: d12

Level Special
21st WS 11d6, minus 1 INT and CHA, warp insanity
22nd WS 12d6, bonus feat, +1 DEX, flurry of blows 1/day
23rd WS 13d6, minus 1 INT and CHA
24th WS 14d6, bonus feat, +1 DEX, flurry of blows 2/day
25th WS 15d6, minus 1 INT and CHA, warp insanity 2
26th WS 16d6, bonus feat, +1 DEX, flurry of blows 3/day
27th WS 17d6, minus 1 INT and CHA
28th WS 18d6, bonus feat, +1 DEX, flurry of blows 4/day
29th WS 19d6, minus 1 INT and CHA, warp insanity 3, movement speed -20 ft, energy immunity
30th WS 20d6, bonus feat, +1 DEX, flurry of blows 5/day, warp mastery

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Epic Warpstep: The damaging force of warpstep increases at an even more dramatic rate as the Warpstepper becomes more in tune with the nature of the warp.

Warp Insanity: at 21st level, experienced Warpsteppers' exposure to the Warp begins to adversely effect their mental faculties. they permanenantly lose Intelligence and charisma, and must make a diplomacy check whenever speaking to someone who did not know them well before the start of their decline, or fail to be able to communicate functionally.

Warp Insanity 2: at 25th level, Warpsteppers become erratic and often hallucinate unimaginable things because of their many years using the warp. illusions affect warpsteppers that have reached this level differently. Instead of making a save to disbelieve the illusion, the Warpstepper rolls a single die or flips a coin and has a 50% chance to instantly fall for the illusion, and a 50% chance to be unaffected by it.

Warp Insanity 3: at 29th level a Warpstepper is almost completely out of his mind. his insanity is so glaringly prominent that it begins to disturb those around him. after warpstepping, he has a chance to hysterically babble nonsense, alternating between mumbling, whispering, and screaming like a deranged lunatic for 1 round. roll a d4, if a 1 is rolled, all those within 30 feet must make a Will save (10+1/2 class level+WIS mod) or act as though under a confusion spell for 1d4 rounds. this is a sonic mind-influencing effect. beware! allies are affected!

Warp Flurry: as a 20th level monk's "flurry of blows", but a limited amount of times per day, and a Warpstepper may use any weapon to perform a flurry of blows full round attack.

Warp Mastery: at 30th level, the Warpstepper may now choose to make any move action a warpstep. his normal movement speed drops by 20 feet as his body is wracked by strange warp-induced afflictions.

Human Warpstepper Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Falchion.

Feat: Power Attack.

Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes.

Gear: None.

Gold: As a Monk.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Warpstepper[edit]

Religion: most warpsteppers acknowledge gods as powerful entities, but nothing any more necessarily deserving of worship than any other being in particular. they don't know where their powers come from, and they don't seem to care. the few Warpsteppers that gravitate towards religion have not been known to be drawn to any god in particular, they are widely varied in their preferences.

Other Classes: Warpsteppers get along socially with Barbarians and Rogues better than with Paladins and Monks, but once again, they are impossible to fit into one mold. generally speaking a Warpstepper has a good chance of appreciating anyone with a sense of adventure who will drive their quest forward, or anyone with high spirits that enjoys combat, though they are prone to disliking people for no discernible reason, too... they aren't natural leaders, and will quickly become bored and irritable if they leader they are following doesn't keep their interest.

Combat: fast-moving melee combatant and skirmisher with tanking capabilities at higher levels.

Advancement: Not many follow the Warpstepper path to its end. On the contrary, most who begin their careers with the talent for warpstepping tend to drift off to learn the ways of another class while keeping the minor warp abilities they've learned.

Warpsteppers in the World[edit]

Seen things, killed things, met people, been all over. The Warp is cold, the Warp is hot. What does it all really matter? Talk is for oldsters who've forgotten how to move, forgotten the cold and the heat. Why are we standing here?
—Guster "Marzipan" Curacao, famed Halfling Warpstepper

Warpsteppers are quite rare, and barely study has ever even attempted to be done on their origins or the nature of the phenomena they use to great effect. they are more likely to hail from urban environments, but that may be just because of the higher population density in such areas...

Daily Life: whatever the fuck they feel like doing, until someone gives them a better idea.

Notables: Guster Curacao was a famous (some would say infamous) halfling, widely known for his ferocious skills as a Warpstepper. the small band he was long associated with was famed for taking the castles of powerful lords by storm in a single night, killing the rulers, their royal guard, and any nobles who resisted, then auctioning off the whole kingdom (via magical means of communication, so that the peasant workforce, who were part of the sale, would remain in the dark) to whichever neighboring city offered the most gold. overlooking the ethics of this process, the group was unparalleled in their ability to launch lightning-fast lethal assaults, and this was largely because of Curacao. he finally met his end in his later years when, in the midst of a battle, his warp-addled brain finally snapped and his team had no choice but to frantically put him down or be killed by his manic episode...

Organizations: no known organizations of Warpsteppers exist, but there are rumors of small teams of them operating together as mercenaries.

NPC Reactions: most people have never heard of a Warpstepper, and will have no initial reaction. Warpsteppers are often mistaken for Barbarians or Rogues because of their wild appearance and attitudes. those that do know of them have reactions varying from welcoming enthusiasm to "get the fuck out of my shop before you wreck the place!".

Warpstepper Lore[edit]

Characters can research Warpsteppers to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

(the appropriate skills)
DC Result
5 Warpsteppers can teleport, and are lethal to those around them.
10 Warpsteppers make use of an extra-dimensional phenomenon known as "the Warp".
15 Warpsteppers cannot use many of their abilities if they are physically restrained, or wearing armor or even too much clothing.
20 Years of repeated exposure to the Warp affects Warpsteppers in many strange ways, giving them some superhuman powers but eventually deteriorating their minds and twisting their bodies.

Warpsteppers in the Game[edit]

Warpsteppers are a pretty powerful custom class, and so I would recommend only allowing them in a campaign with other similarly powerful custom classes or with rule variants to power up the other players. As NPCs, Warpsteppers have great potential as elite assassins, bodyguards, or mini-bosses. their ridiculous teleporting abilities make for a chaotic and exciting edge of your seat experience for lucky players who get to encounter and kill one!

Adaptation: could possibly be powered down a bit by replacing the damaging effect of WS with a stun or similar non-lethal effect at lower levels.

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