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A War Airship is made to be the flag ship to a fleet of airships. It is fitted with adamantium plate, 8 cannons, and 2 Ballista. Each ship has as has a choice of Figureheads each with there own powers. A war airship needs a crew of no less than 15 to run normally, But it can be run by 5 people it takes with a DC of 75 (all 5 character need to roll and if the total is 75 it passes)

Figureheads: there are a few choices Figureheads. Red dragons, Blue dragon, Silver dragon, Black dragon, Wolf, and Lion.

Red dragon: 40-foot cone of fire 10d10 Dc 14

Black dragon: 80-foot line of acid 10d4 Dc 13

Blue Dragon: 40-foot cone of lightning 10d8 Dc 14

Silver dragon: 40-foot cone of cold 10d8 Dc 16

Wolf: two cannons 8d12

Lion: one cannon 10d8

Cannon: deals 3d12 plus 2d6 fire damage

Ballista: 3d6 damage

War airship: Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +16; Shiphandling -4; Speed Fly 300 ft (poor), Overall AC 28; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 260 (hardness 20); Section AC 17; Ram 12d8; SQ hover; Space 100 ft. by 300 ft.; height 50 ft.; Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 50 tons; Cost 250,000gp.

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