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War Veteran[edit]

"Some things can never be unseen."
Benefit: All selections give you a weapon to begin play with and +3 reputation with your military and the country served under.
  • The Only Survivor: There were times when you were the only soldier returning to camp that day. You have a near-obsession with making sure your new comrades in arms don't share the fate of your friends. You may transfer all applicable bonuses to touch AC to your comrade as you selflessly throw yourself in harm's way to keep him safe. Using this ability removes all bonuses to touch AC, but does not deny you your dexterity bonus for the purpose of sneak attack.
  • They're All Heartless Bastards: You've fought the enemy so long that killing them is second nature. Gain the favored enemy ability. This ability is identical to the Ranger's favored enemy and increases at the respective levels. If you gain this ability from leveling in Ranger, you must choose a different favored enemy.
  • Stranded: You got separated from your party behind enemy lines, and you learned how to rely on yourself to survive. You gain the ability to rest normally on any terrain and gain access to the Survival skill as well as gaining a +4 competency bonus to the skill.
Drawback: Each night you must roll a percentile check. For each ability selected, increase the failure chance by 5%. For example, a War Veteran who has selected two abilities will have a 10% chance of having a nightmare. In the event of a nightmare, you do not gain any sleep for the night.
  • The Only Survivor: If one of your allies drops to negative hit points, you completely lose your temper and fall into a murderous fit, the only objective on your mind being avenging your friend. Alternatively, you may instinctively drop everything in a frantic attempt to save your comrade's life (Player's choice). Regardless of choice, you may make no other actions until your comrade is revived or the battle has ended. If a teammate dies on the battlefield, you become detached and your Cha drops to 8 for 3d4 days.
  • They're All Heartless Bastards: You have a hard time coming to terms with the people you fought against and tend to treat them as enemies regardless of their intentions. You take a -4 to all diplomacy checks made with NPCs of your favored enemy type or anyone who is associated with the nation you fought against.
  • Stranded: You've grown paranoid when sleeping outside as a result of sleeping behind enemy lines. Add an additional 5% to your night terror failure chance (That is, if you take this ability, you essentially add 10% to your failure chance instead of the usual 5% for the other two abilities)
Special: Character must have a military background, or been present during a war or conflict between two military forces.To take The Only Survivor, a character must have had a trusted comrade die in battle. To take the They're all Heartless Bastards, the character must have killed at least five enemies of the chosen species type during the war. Finally, to be Stranded the character must have been left for dead or abandoned in a location for at least a month.
Roleplaying Ideas: The character looks down on others as naive or sheltered or mixes up names with fallen comrades with party members. The character could also be strongly opposed to helping a nation s/he once battled against. Additionally,the character may hold a grudge against his own military (especially in the event of a stranded character), seeing them as "Backstabbers." The veteran is at risk of growing disillusioned or becoming restless with guilt over what s/he has seen or done. Finally, the Veteran may feel a sense of shared pain with others with a military background, and respect a soldier's prowess more than most others would.

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