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A "race's compendium" race created by



Physical Description[edit]

The vurminee have clearly rodent heads, with only a slight facial variation due to the enlarged brain case. They have small, nimble hands, short tails, and a coating of fur but are otherwise humanoid in appearance.


Vurminee are taught as young that the purpose of life is to advance in power and wealth through a combination of legal and illicit activities, although many exceptions reject these teachings. Vurminee tend to work in lesser positions amongst organized crime such as gangs and drug rings. They generally play second fiddle in a subordinate place due to their lack of ambition and leadership ability.






Racial Traits[edit]

  • Small Size
  • -2 strength, +2 dex: Vurminee are weak but agile
  • +2 to bluff, slight of hand, and disguise: vurminee are skilled in deceit
  • +3 to move silently checks: with a combination of padded feet, nimble toes, and an instinctual caution vurminee can avoid being heard.
  • -2 to saves against fear: Vurminee are cowardly
  • -2 to intimidate: Vurminee lack the confidence and audacity to be truly intimidating
  • +2 to decipher script and appraise checks
  • Natural bite attack: 1d3 base piercing damage plus disease
  • Disease(ex): A creature bitten by a vurminee must make a fortitude save (dc:11+1/2 the vurminee's levels+the verminee's constitiution modifier) or contract vurminee fever. Incubation period 1 hour, save dc:15, damage 1con and 1dex
  • Low-light vision
  • Speak with rats(sp): Once per day for 1 minute, as speak with animals but only functions on rats, dire rats, and rat-like creatures (such as ash rats or fiendish dire rats)
  • +2 bonus to jump and tumble checks
  • +1 bonus to balance checks
  • Alignment: often lawful evil
  • LA: +0

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