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Life and Society:[edit]

Held on the summer solstice, Jāņi is a holiday that marks the beginning of the summer's “white nights,” when the sun sets for only a few hours.

In public and toward strangers, Vrba are reserved, professional, and formal. Among friends and family members, they are warm, inviting, and trusting.

Amber is a popular gemstone in Vrba, and most own a piece or two of amber jewelry.

Each village has a vedejparis, or matchmaker, responsible for introducing young couples to each other and making wedding arrangements. A pregnant woman may not discuss her condition openly or go out in public during the last few months of her pregnancy in order to protect her baby from the “evil eye,” a glance believed to bring harm. The baby makes his or her first public appearance when roughly one month old.

When someone dies, it is customary to place items in the coffin that may be useful in the next life, such as a comb and mirror. Mirrors are sometimes considered keys for entry into the kingdom of the dead. Vrba are among the most superstitious of all sclavini






Major Geographic Features:[edit]

Important Sites:[edit]


Population: 19,626 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 39,240,000 Mixed; Humans: 15,504; Dwarves: 1,766; Elves: 981; Halflings: 588; Gnomes: 392; Half-Elves: 196; Half-Orcs: 196; Others: 3


Population: 8,343 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 6,255,000 Mixed; Humans: 6,590; Dwarves: 750; Elves: 417; Halflings: 250; Gnomes: 166; Half-Elves: 83; Half-Orcs: 83; Others: 4


Population: 3,533 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 529,500 Mixed; Humans: 2,791; Dwarves: 317; Elves: 176; Halflings: 105; Gnomes: 70; Half-Elves: 35; Half-Orcs: 35; Others: 4

Diplomatic Relations:[edit]

Current Events:[edit]

Character Creation Info:[edit]


Regional Feats:[edit]

Regional Weapons:[edit]


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