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by an innocent poster

Yep, This is the place where I can post all my Vestiges. Also, I put them here because I can't seem to post them, you evil yellow box!!! Let's start with this one:

Daaolin, the Kobold[edit]

Level: 1 Binding DC: 15 Special requirement: No

Legend Daaolin was always bullied. Though he had great skill, he was very weird. Even when he died, his tormentors had him condemned to be a vestige.

Manifestation The symbol of Daaolin seems to move in a twisting, curving manner. When Daaolin appears, he jumps if he sees a kobold, though this doesn't effect the binding process.

Sign Your skin takes on the texture of a kobold.

Influence: Daaolin is terrified by kobolds.Should you see one you'd run in terror. You take a -1 penalty to Will saves while one is within 30ft.

Granted abilities: Along with kobold dexterity, you gain a other language of reptilian origins. Your sight increases in dark and unlight places by 10 ft. Your hard Kobold skin makes you invulnerable to fire.

Your spit is poison. You may consult the DM to roll when biting to give a poison effect. this does not penetrate armor 

Kobold Dexterity You get +2 Dexterity.

Small You become Small size.

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