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Symbol: A curling symbiote in a pool of blood
Home Plane: None it travels the multiverse
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: symbiotes, travel, power, knowledge, secrets and life
Clergy Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: charm, space, knowledge and wrath
Favored Weapon: manipulation
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This deity was created by Ticonderoga as the librarian of the multiverse his job was to catalog creatures and to gain as much in depth personal knowledge of the evolution of Ticonderoga's creatures so he could keep things balanced. In order to gain this information Verticeus took the form of a power giving symbiote in this form he bestowed godhood to all who would accept him but the price was great it was the hosts mind, knowledge and sanity. Since this god was created it has gathered such a vast amount knowledge it knows the secrets of near everything in the multiverse and at the same time has created a vast amount of insane deities who seemed to have banded together as their own pantheon in The Far Realm. This deity is never seen without a mortal host most of the time this host is one of its followers and is almost always known as a hero of epic proportions. Verticeus appears as a small symbiote surrounded by a massive energy aura.


Gather as much information as you can, knowledge is power and those who impede you on your quest are those who would wish to see the multiverse's destruction.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Verticeus's clergy consist of librarians, loremasters and symbiocahs (his favored creations)

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