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Ven's Sickle of Harvest: This +1 vorpal sickle looks like an ordinary sickle, except for its blade, which seems to be spattered around the sharp edge with a black substance that will not wash off, possibly some sort of demonic blood lingering from a particularly vile enemy. Its haft is made of black wood and carved with many severed heads and the blade is dull gray steel. Created by a woman known only as Ven (a long-dead necromancer with a taste for the macabre), the sickle has an additional power only comes into play at certain times. When the weapon severs a creature’s head, all enemies with 15 ft. of the wielder that witness the beheading must save or be affected by a fear spell. After severing a creature’s head, the blade trails harmless black energy for several minutes.

Many rumors abound as to who actually created this item, and most suggest that it is an evil item created for the members of a death cult, and any non-evil person that wields it will suffer a terrible curse. These rumors are false; the weapon is unaligned and bears no curse, but those that carry the weapon are often the ones to spread these rumors, as it adds to their own reputation. The weapon was last seen in the hands of the half-orc murderpriest Norgaarn, who claims he took it from the lair of a dragon still recovering from wounds inflicted by a rival. Norgaarn was inquiring about getting the frost and mighty cleaving properties added to the weapon, but it is unknown if he found someone willing to handle the weapon, given its “curse.” Norgaarn was last seen boarding a ship he chartered to take him to a small island reputed to be ruled by a vampire sorcerer; whether his interest was barter or murder is unknown.

Caster Level: 18th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Circle of Death, Fear, Keen Edge; Market Price: 95,106 gp; Cost to Create: 47,706 gp + 3,792 XP.

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