Varren's Ball of Infinite Ducks (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Varren's Ball of Infinite Ducks
Conjuration [Summons a supply of infinite ducks]
Spellcraft DC: 88
Components: V S M X
Casting time: 10 hours
Range: 300 feet
Targets, Effect, or Area:
Duration: Forever
To Develop: 120,000,000 gp, 20,000 xp

Varren was a mad wizard who was fortunately slain by a roving band of legendary warriors before his mad spell could reach completion. When casting the spell, roll a 1d3. After that many hours, the sound of quacks can be faintly heard. Roll a 1d6, after that many more hours, the sound of quacks becomes deafening. Upon completion of the spell, a 10 ft area transforms into a 3 dimensional portal to an infinite plain comprized solely of ducks. Each second, 20d200 ducks will be released from the area. If the spell is cast on a container, like a backpack or jar, the container will be filled with a never ending supply of ducks. If the container is destroyed, the rift is released, and ducks may exit freely. The portal cannot be destroyed, but can be sealed permanently(until destroyed) with an orb surrounding it made of adamantium at least 1 ft thick.

Materiel Component:A Duck and the heart of a Tarrasque.

XP Cost: 20,000 xp

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