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Symbol: an eye, surrounded by triangles. favourite weapons: bare hands, and scythe alignment: neutral stands for: Eternal hunger, travel and anger


The great god Van Roth, in apperance, is no different to your ordinary troll. However, after years of travling, his blood has become infused by the raw energy of the multiverse. He is easily bored, and whilst he could have his own dimension, enjoys the simple pleasure of travling through the mortal plane, seeing the sights and generally just watching the world.


Followers of Van Roth are advised to constantly travle, and tyring to stay away from towns. Whilst being neutral, Followers of van roth are Granted an eternal hunger, which most common folk believe will lead to the follower turning on them, and devouring them. This however, is not the case.

Bonus abilities[edit]

Followers of Van roth are granted the ability "fist of van roth" and "eternal hunger". These are NOT class specific, so can be done by anyone.

Fist of Van roth: Once a day ability when under the power of fist of van roth, the user gains a +5 bonus to acc, AND attack damage

lasts untill next turn, is a buff abiloity that stacks with moves like rage.

Eternal Hunger: passive

if the user has grappled an opponent, they can make a bite attack with the following stats

d10 -1 (minimum of 1)

needs to beat half of foes AC, since it's hard to miss a bite, but armour is hard to get through.

NOTE: characters with poison bite attacks also inflict poison damage.

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