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Vampyres are a subrace of humanity who have attained immortality through the draining of others life-forces. They are feared by most, besides the amaranthines and golems, who are immune to their life-draining attacks.


Vampyres are sinister and brooding. They often have an icy charm and forceful personality, but most find them unnerving at best and terrifying at worst. They can shift from cold rage to a wild blood-frenzy in seconds.

Physical Description[edit]

Vampyres stand as tall as humans, who they are derived from. They have pale skin, except when they feed of blood, then their skin is flushed. They have black or red eyes and sharpened canine teeth.


Most races fear and revile vampyres, who they view as instruments of evil. While this is not always the case, well know vampyres often are evil.


Vampyres are usually evil, but vary almost as much as humans do in alignment.


Vampyres often are found in Albion Proper and Jacinth.


Most vampyres have no religion, as they are seeking to attain godhood themselves.


Vampyres speak Albionian or Jacinthian.

Racial Traits[edit]

* Humanoid (Vampyre).
* Medium.
* Vampyre base land speed is 150 ft. 
  • Darkvision 360 ft.
  • +1 bonus on all saving throws at first level.
  • +4 racial bonus on grapple checks.
  • +2 racial bonus on listen, search, and spot checks.
* +4 racial bonus on intimidate and bluff checks. 
  • +8 racial bonus on climb, jump, move silently, and hide checks.
  • Life-Sense (su): a vampyre can automatically sense all living creatures within 150 ft.
  • Life-drain (su): a vampyre can make a touch attack against a helpless, pinned, flat-footed, or willing victim and drain their life-force. === ===

The victim is entitled to a will save, dc 10 + 1/2 vampyre's hd + vampyre's [[intelligence modifier. [[. If they fail this save, they take 1d6 points of constitution damage. * Unholy Life (su): a vampyre is immortal, meaning they do not age, are immune to all mundane diseases, are immune to negative levels, and in addition gain +1 to each ability score every hundred years of vampyrehood they attain. However, they lose the benefits of immortality if they go more then one week without draining 1 point of constitution (using either life-drain or blood drain) per hit dice they possess. * Blood drain (ex): a vampyre can also drain a pinned or helpless victim's blood, dealing 1d6 constitution damage each round, and healing (vampyre's intelligence modifier) x (amount of constitution damage dealt). The victim can attempt a grapple check to get free each round. this also returns lost unholy life * fast healing equal to constitution modifier. * SR 11 + hd. * Automatic Languages: Either Albionian or Jacinthian. Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages). * Favored Class: Any. * Level Adjustment: +3 ====Creating a Vampyre==== If a human character (any creature with the subtype of Human) wishes to become a vampyre, they must first apply with a local coven. If their application is accepted, they may undergo the vampyre ritual, which to complete successfully requires a dc 20 fortitude save. If the save is failed, the applicant dies, and the vampyres eat the body. If the save is successful, the applicant becomes a vampyre, losing all racial traits with the exception of cultural traits (ie weapon proficiency, bonus feats]] and supernatural or spell-like abilities. They gain all vampyre traits, including a +3 level adjustment (DMs who wish to avoid this may have the character lose three levels as a requirement). ---- Back to Main Page3.5e HomebrewRaces

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