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Vampire, redead[edit]

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More information...

you were once undead, then cured of your ailment. then you willingly became undead from a vampire bite, this is the result.

you were once undead, normaly with flesh, like a standard vampire, then your nice paladin friend decides to pay for a true resurection on you to cure it. well what if you didnt want to be normal? then you find a vampire and get bit. then you level a bit, and find your friend for revenge :)

Creating a Redead Vampire[edit]

Aquired, as you must be undead once, and if your born undead, there goes your life. this can be applied to any creature that has been undead before (referred to hereafter as the base creature)

Size and Type[edit]

if medium, no change. if smaller than medium increase one size, if larger, decrease one size.

Hit Dice[edit]

change your HD to 40d12 a lvl(2d12 for every class level that normaly offers 1d8+ 1d12 for every class level that normaly offers 1d6-)


you gain +3 to your run speed multiplier(stacks with run feat) and you move a base of 20 ft faster (10 if small or smaller after size ajust, 30 if large or larger after size ajust)

Armor Class[edit]

+10 Natural Armor


you retain all abilities, and gain a slam attack (1d4+str) and a bite attack(1d6+str) and drain 1d4 con per bite, gaining (con dmg)x5 temporary hp(this temporary hp does not wear off(even when sleeping and such), although you lose it(only the damage taken) once you take damage)

Full Attack[edit]

Slam->Grapple->Bite 1d4+str->Grapple->1d6+str+1d4condmg

Special Attacks[edit]

you lose all class abilities(effectivly removing them, so if you are a lvl 30 wiz, then you are now a lvl 0 wiz. as such you will need to start your preferred class(es) from thebegining again.)

Special Qualities[edit]


you no longer have a constitution modifier you have +30 Str, +25 Dex, and +20 Cha. Not Broken at all.


you gain x2bluff, x2 hide, x2 movesilently and x2craft(any)


you may now weild melee weapons that are two sizes to big for you, without penalty(you may weild a ranged weapon of 3 sizes bigger with no penalty)Brute(but instead of +2 you now add +6), Power Attack, Brawn(but instead of +2 you now add +6, stacks with brute)Great Cleave, power attack Resist cold-50 Resist Electricity-50 take 50% more damage from fire. after 10 minutes in water your completely rot away. you lose all profencincy with all armors/shields


anywhere except hot areas, normaly cold ones.


usualy Solo, althoough it isnt uncommon to find both a male and female traveling(or liveing) with one another. parties are rare as they tend to think they are supperior to others. although legend says that once, when the great war of the gods occured, these creature found that they are(one) of the only ones that could save the material plane, the humanoid races killed 4 deities, the anmials/beasts/aberations/dragons/outsiders killed 7, and the redead(a group of about 150) killed the other 89. they later remembered their rivalries and parted.

Challenge Rating[edit]



1/20, ha you have a long life, might as well get it slowly and over time.


same as base creature(you CAN be good, but it requires that you get permission from your DM, and besides no one said you couldn't only suck evil peoples blood :)


HD detemines the feat aquision as well as base attack bonus and level related stats.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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